Hi Sam, Consuelo and Friends,

   I want to congratulate you for yet another successful tour. I also want to personally thank you for helping me with all the personal connections I’ve made – past and present. It has been 8 long years since my last tour, but like you said, “it’s like riding a bicycle”. True to every word you said, my vacation was the best ever. The reason I said “vacation” is to help anyone who reads this understand that I was truly on a vacation. My every need was cared for from business contacts in real estate to entrepreneurs eager to partner with me. You were instrumental in making all the above happen while reminding me of the fabulous scenery – the beautiful ladies.

This part is for guys who are sitting on the fence about enjoying themselves:

  Barranquilla has grown at a phenomenal pace. Many of the places I frequented in the past are still there, but they are much improved – trendy even. I was pleasantly surprised at the addition of a second tower to the Buena Vista Mall, still more surprised a third tower is planned. High rises now make up a growing part of the coastal persona. Lunch at one of the new restaurants I found revealed a spectacular view of the beach. There are several such restaurants in the mall with similar views. It was great having coffee with one of my dates while enjoying the views. Sorry, can’t get that at the local Starbucks.

  Like many times before, I employed the services of a translator made available through Sam’s agency. Her name is Paola Torres. We became fast friends allowing me to transition her from translator extraordinaire to my personal assistant for several days after the social events ended. She’s the smartest investment I made while on vacation. As I mentioned before, she’s not simply a translator. She’s an educated linguist who is currently studying several languages while developing a mind for business. Sam employs some of the best talent from the local area, but he always manages to kick things up another notch.

  Let me repeat - this was my vacation. I wasn’t looking for anyone special. I just wanted to enjoy myself; renew some old relationships and make some new friends. When you’re surrounded by beautiful women all day every day, you can’t help but smile. And when they approach you with keen interest, you’d be nuts not to engage in friendly conversation. So, if you’re shy – snap out of it!!

  This is most fun you’ll ever have as long as you leave your worries behind. Let me reiterate, I wasn’t looking specifically for anyone yet I had at least 30 women asking Sam about me. Imagine the introductions, one after another. The best part was I was auctioned off by raffle ticket for a dinner date. How cool is that? When was the last time you were auctioned off by raffle for intelligent, beautiful women who look like Shakira and Sofia Vergara?

  Then it happened – an undeniable and unexpected connection with one of the most enchanting women I’ve ever met. You know the one – she has the ‘It’ factor. You can’t explain ‘It’, but you know ‘It’ when you experience ‘It’. Some say ‘It’ is in the eyes, others say ‘It’ is in the body language. Even more say ‘It’ is in the voice. Personally, I say “It’ is something you just know. Now I’m making a return trip in April to explore my interests further. If you haven’t experienced ‘It’ in a while or never before, I say it is high time you take a tour – stretch your legs a bit. I did and was greatly rewarded for the journey thanks to Sam and his dedicated team of professionals. They’re the best!!

You can contact me via email at twashington1000@yahoo.com 
 Serious inquiries can call me at home on the weekends.
Old Friends for Life, Tim




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