Cartagena deemed a city of 'heart, soul, and style'

Cartagena deemed a city of 'heart, soul, and style'

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The English newspaper, The Telegraph, called Cartagena a city with "heart, soul and style," and a deserving host for the January "Hay Festival" and the Nobel Prize winners that will descend upon the coastal oasis.

Cartagena, a colonial tourist destination on Colombia's Caribbean coast, was praised by The Telegraph for its character and charm writing, "No wonder the literary elite will be back in January for the Hay Festival."

For years, Cartagena has been considered one of Colombia's gems as the walled city provides visitors the ultimate colonial experience. The tropical coastline and the city's colonial vibes present an idyllic combination for any tourist and certainly qualify Cartagena as a fitting host for the Hay Festival. The four-day celebration of the arts [January 24 to 27] will have numerous revered authors in attendance.

"If there is a more magical setting for a literary festival, I’d like to find it. For four days, some of the world’s leading writers and thinkers gather there to exchange ideas. Banish all thoughts of po-faced [pompous] intellectual debate," wrote The Telegraph.

The Hay Festival is held every year and provides "an elaborate mix of literature, visual arts, cinema, music, geopolitics, journalism, the environment... all going together with dialogue and celebration,"


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