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We do Not have to do Any of that Fake stuff to get people to see,
feel and Experience our Sincerity in helping them make their dreams a Reality.
All of these are actual clients, No actors.
None of these people are paid,
they all personally wrote and did their Testimonials because they wanted to say
"When you Go with I Love Latins... I Love Latins Works and You can Reap
the Lifetime Benefits, when you Go with an I Love Latins Romance tour"!!!

"We Love to hear from and please ALL of our I Love Latins clients!!!
I Love Latins is Different, We Care about you and your future lifetime partner too!
And it shows in everything we do for you at I Love Latins!"

Big Chris and Super Paola
Latin Bride, Latin Brides, Latina Bride

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Hello, My name is Chris.
I have looked at Sam's DVDs for years and finally decided to go on the event March 2011.
I truly believe Sam is a good and honest man that will try to help you and now consider him a very good friend.
When I arrived there was so many beautiful women at the airport to meet us.
One especially to me that looked a little lonely and sad so I asked an interpreter
to see if she would go out with me the next night which was the first night of the event.
And the night of the events there was hundreds of beautiful women who were interested in me.
Now I am 44 and short and a bit over weight not what you would call a great prize
but I was honest and sincere with them about finding someone to love
and not just looking for fun and that was what they wanted someone serious about finding love.
They did not care how old I was or short or little fat or what kind of job I had
they wanted someone to love them!
Sam and I Love Latins provided so Many beautiful women to choose from.
When I first saw my girl at the airport looking sad she just looked like the girl next door to me
it was dark but the next night the first night of the event when she walked in the door
I could not believe how beautiful she really was. She was in her early 20's.
She was way out of my league not the average girl next door like I thought
but way more beautiful and had done some work as a model.
On our first date she was quite so I did not think she was interested in me at all
and at the end of our date I just thanked her for going out with me
and did not ask her out again but the next day she was calling my interpreter wanting to go out with me.
I could not believe it, that she really wanted me but she did
and we kept going out and are completely in love and I knew she is going to be my wife.
Over the next few months, we talked, and emailed everyday.
I feel so fortunate to have met her with the help of Sam.
In the states a girl like her would not give me the time of day.
Now I am married to the girl of my dreams.
She loves me, not what I look like or my job or house but me!
I can't promise everyone will find the girl of your dreams the way I did
but who knows maybe you can if you try and go to Barranquilla with someone like Sam.
Also the city was nice, I felt safe everywhere I went and the hotel was nice too.
You should give it a try if you are really looking for love and a good woman that cares about you.
“You will never know, if you never go”. Chris and Paola.
Limo, Limo Wedding, Limo in Barranquilla

Hi Sam, Following is my testimonial:
At the Independence Day weekend I came across I Love Latins on the web,
immediately I was drawn by the beautiful ladies and melody music from the site,
I started to learn more about the tour, but still I was hesitated whether I should go for the tour.
After I called Sam I decided to give it a try. 
It turns out I had a wonderful time in the tour.
Friday night was the first night gentlemen formally met ladies.
During the night gentlemen  dressed well and arrived early, ready for the show.
While waiting, I saw hundreds of enthusiastic young ladies filled out form and then lined up taking pictures one by one.
It was exciting; I could not imagine the scene could have happened in the US.
Swimming pool party was another super event.
The party was chosen at a nice private estate, which located within a short walk distance to beach.
I took the stairs up to the balcony, breath-taking view around me.
In the party a live band dressed traditional Colombia clothes and performed typical Colombia music,
participants danced along vividly, BBQ, clear water pool, and pretty ladies…
I really enjoyed the fascinating moments.
After came back to the US, colleagues said that I looked fresh and relaxed.
I am busy as usual but whenever I saw the pictures of the tour,
I can not help thinking that taking part in I Love Latins’ tour was my best vacation ever.
Thank you, Sam and Consuelo for presenting this unique opportunity.  Frank, California

Sam, Thanks for a great event it was everything you said it would be.
I have never gone to another country by myself especially not knowing anyone there but from talking to Sam you know you have made a true friend who will guide you through the whole tour and make sure you are happy and things go well besides why would you be scared when so many beautiful girls want to be your friend. The people of Barranquilla are very genuine, beautiful happy and full of life they truly make you welcome. These women are not desperate or looking for a green card. In general these women are looking for a sincere man who believes in love and can show their loving side and these women will give their hearts and be loyal to you. One problem you might have is being overwhelmed by all of the women who are interested in you. Listen to Sam carefully he has the experience and knowledge he knows what he talking about. Ask the women what you are interested in and be honest, you can find what you are looking for. These girls are not stupid and you get what you give. Take your time be patient and you will find your winner as Sam says that is definitely true. I met and went out with many beautiful women who I consider of great quality. This was my first trip and I felt right at home and safer than where I live in South Carolina.
I was lucky enough to find someone very special who surprised me half way through my stay. This lady is beautiful, educated, great family and could be the lady I marry. We connected in a very natural way and I also got lucky because she speaks perfect English. I would be very proud to have this lady meet my family and friends and can't wait to see her again. There are many competitors to choose from but I chose I love Latins because of Sam's honesty. You will only hear good things about Sam Smith and this is why I chose I love Latins. I never thought I would meet someone this special on my first trip but I did and hopefully we will marry after spending the quality time we need together. The guys on the tour were great and will become your close friends. Before I went on my trip I called many of the guys who went on the tour before and they had nothing but great things to say about I love Latins and Sam Smith. The one thing you will hear from the guys who have gone before is basically they can tell you many things about the tour but until you experience it you will not believe how great it is. Like Sam says it is truly a life changing experience. For less money than you would spend vacationing elsewhere you could be hanging out with beautiful woman who are interested in you. If I had known what I know now ten years ago I would have been much happier. Barranquilla is like Fantasy Island but it really exists. I will never date a USA woman again and will marry a Latin lady; there is no comparison. If you think I can help you with any questions give me a call.
Thanks, Todd Jacobs @ 803-413-2585

Dating OnlineSingles Vacation

Hello, Sam now you have my testimonial. 

I was on the September 2011 I love Latins Romance tour. 
I have to say I was really overwhelmed with all the ladies that you had on the tour
400+ and only 15 men, so all I can say is you men that are thinking about going
you need to get up off are couch & off your computer and Go!!!
You will have sooooo much fun, I know I did. 

I will be going back soon, the food was the best,
and the ladies were so open, friendly, receptive and easy to talk to.
You are the King!!! And you will love your stay there.
Sam and the ladies will take good care of you.

Thanks Sam, the pool party it was the best! What a special and beautiful place, it was really spectacular.
That Chiva bus and the live music with all of those ladies dancing is something I will never forget.
The ladies & I had soo much fun.
Sam, you really know your business and how to make everyone feel special.

And the birthday party for you and Allan was allot of fun, thanks for inviting me and my date. 

Thanks for taking us to the children's school that you, Consuelo and your clients help support,
that really touched my heart, we truly all need to give more.
Keep up the good work.

It was all a great deal for the money and YES, I would Highly recommend you
and your services to Every single man on the planet, everyone needs to Go with I love Latins!!!

So if you just want to have fun or to meet a good lady this is for you!!!
If any of the gentlemen have any questions just tell them your friend
and very happy client, officer Fletcher said "It's the real deal", 
be a real man and reserve your vacation online @ www.ilovelations.com  

Officer Fletcher told you his experience, now it's your turn to Live and Enjoy Your Life.
It's Simple, Sign up Online, arrive on your Life changing I Love Latins Romance tour.
Life can't get much more simple and rewarding than that, Sincerely, Sam and Consuelo
www.iLoveLatins.com   www.iLoveLatins.com  www.iLoveLatins.com 
  www.iLoveLatins.com  www.iLoveLatins.com
Reserve Your Singles Vacation Online Now in 1 minute!
Live Your Dreams Now

Hello Super Sam.
Sam, I am writing this short message to say Thank You, Thank You so much for always showing concern.
Your concern has been to see men happy who are looking for a woman at I Love Latins.com. 
I have known you for three years and you have always shown an interest in everybody being ultimately happy forever.
I always receive updates, emails (enclosed good deals to sign up and flight information through Avianca).
It is very helpful information. Including, the jokes and season greetings which I enjoy a lot.
You have a Great Business there Sam. hehe in Barranquilla, Colombia. Oh. Man, I am in love with that town. haha.
Yet, aside from the business part you are so down to earth...
anybody's got a question or concern and you are there to answer whatever it is.
Well, you always go beyond that.
I know you as the person who loves to greet on every chance you get and likes to ask if everything is ok.
That characteristic distinguishes you from the rest.
As I said before, you are a good man Sam. May God Bless You.
You have changed lives forever. You have a good memory in recognizing people. 
Definitely, you were born to dedicate your life in what you know how to do best......
that is introducing men and women at that town that I am in love with called Barranquilla, Colombia.
Sometimes, I even tell people that I am from there. haha.
Again, I had to write to say Thank You Sam.
I appreciate your concern and hard work in organizing those reunion events 
four times a year to have men and women meet.
These words don't do justice how Thankful I am Sam.
All the men owe you Sam for bringing lots of happiness into their lives.
So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Juan

Consuelo, I would like to thank you so much for the chat last night. I am very impressed with you and your husband.
I think you are both very wonderful people and are truly serious in helping hearts find each other.

It is my sincerest desire to find that special heart to share my life with. With your help I know I will find that lady.

Last evening I said that I would email you with what I am looking for in a woman.

These are the qualities that I find most desirable in a woman.
1. That she has a good and true heart.
2  She is strong and has character and can face life's difficulties with me.
3. A loving and caring spirit one that knows the meaning of charity and likes to help and encourage others.
4. Faithfulness and loyalty
5. Kindness and a sweet and tender heart towards people and animals .
6. The ability to laugh and to not take life to seriously.
7. Patience.
8 Helpful and willing to take a small job to supplement our income.

9. Most important to look at me with the eyes of her heart and see me for who I really am.

10. To want to be married and be a family.

A lady that will appreciate these words.


El corazón estuvo en el invierno pero su amor trae primavera. calenta mi alma.

y como envuelve sus armamentos me alrededor de yo me siento seguro,

Ese su amor es para siempre.

Y que he encontrado para siempre amor en usted. 

Consuelo, If I can find a lady that's 1/2 the lady you are I will be very happy man forever; like your husband (Sam).

Thank you so much, David Powell

PS. I am completing my reservations for this tour today, thank you both and see you soon :)

Another Happy Testimonial J

Hi Sam, I have been reading many of your testimonial letters, and it got me thinking. 
I know that I am a very lucky man because I met my beautiful wife Yudy on an I Love Latins Tour (June 2008). 
But the letters made me think of how I felt before I went on your tour.

I felt like most men who are thinking of trying this service, I was worried about going to Colombia,
I was worried about if this service would work or not, and of course I was worried about the cost of all of this. 

But I also thought to myself, I was a 45 year old average looking divorced man. 
I was having No luck meeting any women here in the United States, most American women would not give me the time of day. 
I was trying all of the on-line dating services, i.e. Match.com, EHarmony, Yahoo personals. 
I was lucky if I even got a response to any of my e-mails,
I don't remember ever meeting any women from the on-line dating services. 
I was at the point that I believed that I was destined to be alone for the rest of my life. 
So, I started looking into finding a foreign wife, and since I speak some Spanish I decided that I wanted to meet
or at least talk to some Latin women. 
I started searching the dating services for Latin and Spanish women, and I found a few different agencies. 
I would look at the web pages everyday, I also joined a few of these services,
I started e-mailing some of the beautiful Latin women, it was pretty fun having some beautiful Latin women as pen pals.
Eventually, from looking at all of the Latin American dating services, your service I Love Latins.com began to stand out to me. 
I remember thinking to myself this service seems to be more honest than the other services.

So, finally I decided that I needed to try one of these tours. I thought what is the worst that could happen to me, 
I spend a few days in Colombia and then I come back home. The worst case would be that at least I had an adventure. 
All of my friends thought that I was crazy, they said "Why would you go to a place that all Americans were in danger
and try to meet a woman who would only use you for your money and a green card?" 
I remember telling them, "What's the difference, I could get killed at any time here as well,
and I already know for a Fact that American women just use me too. 
So, what is the difference if I go to Colombia and meet some very beautiful women?"
At least I will have an adventure to talk about and not just be writing e-mails on my computer to some pictures of women.

And Sam you know the rest. I went on ONE tour, met the woman of my dreams, and am now happily married. 
I have been to Barranquilla, Colombia 5 times in the last 2 years. 
My beautiful wife and live in Charlotte North Carolina, and we hope to one day retire to Colombia.

And not only did I meet the love of my life, I made a few life long friends, Sam and Consuelo Smith and Gary Bala. 
If I could talk to any of the men that are thinking about going on one of your tours, I would tell them JUST DO IT. 
The worst that can happen is that you have a fantastic weekend vacation that you will remember for the rest of your life. 
Colombian women treat us like kings. The best that could happen is that you meet the love of your life.

Well, Sam Thank You so much for helping me, you changed my life. 
One day we will probably be neighbors when we are both retired and living in Barranquilla.

 Your Friends, Carl and Yudy Strasser… QUE DIOS BENDIGA

PS. Sam, you are welcome to have any of the men call me,
if they are still wondering if this is real. 704-299-8931.
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Here is my story. In the USA, the only thing I thought about was trying to find a
temporary relationship and ending it after it became too serious.
There was no way I could become serious with any of the women I met in USA singles parties.
Most of my contacts at USA singles parties lasted one phone conversation and that was all.
Many years of my life went by and it was such a waste.
When I started doing the iLoveLatins tours, everything was different. In a single tour of 5 days,
I met lots of women who had qualities I like, and they were not the type of women I would date and dump.
For the first time in many years, I began to respect women I dated,
and I treated the women like one of them could become my wife someday.
The conversations were very rich and many wanted to continue lasting friendships.
All the women I met had beautiful qualities of the heart.
It was so easy to get to know them. I soon realized, Colombia is where
I would be happy with a woman someday.

I went on 3 iLoveLatins tours. One woman stole my heart and I am dating her.
I took her to your pool party on the February tour. The pool party was
a private invitation party where the nicest women were invited and encouraged to bring a bikini.
Transportation was by Chiva bus and it was a party all the way there.
There was good food, BBQ, corn and carne asada, live music,
swimming, beer, a nice garden area to take pictures of your date (or dates...plural). 
The beach was a short walk across the street. I think that most of the guys invited several women
because I saw a lot of women there at the pool party.
The pool party, as always, was the highlight of the tour.

An iLoveLatins tour has always been good happiness therapy for me.
The happy feeling I brought home could be seen on my face when people saw me in the USA.
When you do an iLoveLatins tour, your last date will be at the airport when you go back home.
At that point, you will realize that in 5 days, you met more women on one tour than you ever met before in your entire single life.

On all of your tours, I experienced moments that became memories
for a lifetime. I did my 2011 birthday party in Barranquilla on the last
"Amor y la Amistad" tour and 50 people showed up. It was an amazing party.
I combined it with Sam’s birthday which also falls in September.
I went all out to make sure everybody was entertained with Latin music,
games, prizes, a dance show with a professional choreographer,
live tamboura music, beer, food, lots of dancing, and a cake.

Note that the year before, I had my birthday in the USA,
and nobody close to me remembered my birthday, not my relatives, not even my 18 year old son.
I will never do that again.
When I was home alone on my birthday, the people who remembered me were in
Colombia 3000 miles away, and Sam of course.
They send me some very warm messages. From now on, all my future birthdays will be spent in Barranquilla,
September 17, el dia de Amor y la Amistad.
I will host this with my girlfriend, and will be in addition to all the other parties happening on the iLoveLatins tour.
It will be an open invitation to all men any female guest they want to invite (or guests plural).
If you have a September birthday, you are welcome to combine your party
with this one we will celebrate all September birthdays together Barranquilla style.
This is my way of giving back what was given to me.
That is a promise.
Allan B. in CA. After all I’ve said, if you want a positive change in your life,
you are welcome to email me allanbrandt@yahoo.com .
Romance tours

Sam, got the DVD and the DVD is smoking. Christmas arrived early ! I plan to have the time of my life ! Thanks ! Todd

Hola Sam, I plan to get with my boss on Monday and nail down my plane reservation. This will be my first Chiva bus ride.
I decided to go on Christmas day. I looked around and found myself all alone. I said, hmm ! Feb 18th is just around the corner.
Get off your butt and go for your dreams. My goal is to be on the Feb. 18 th flight and stay Feb. 25 th.
Your Friend ! Todd Dillard

Thanks Sam for the conference call and all of the great information you
and Consuelo shared with us guys on the call. I look forward to attending your tours.
I also spoke with Gary Bala and seems my situation of being retired isn't that bad. Thanks again, Darren, RI.

And then from another previous tour gentleman.
Great deal Sam.. thanks!.. Matt
Hi Sam.. I did it!.. 5 years of I love Latins tours.. Great deal and I know you can deliver!..
I had a great time in Barranquilla in Sept 09 the ladies treat you like a man and they want to be treated like ladies, and they are beautiful!.
Matt, Another Smart Texan
"Get 5 Years of Singles Vacations Now and Live Life!"

Hi Sam, I had a great time in the beautiful tropical city of Barranquilla, Colombia
on the September 2009 tour and I wanted to give a testimony
and encourage more guys who are thinking about going on a tour with I Love Latins, to Go For It,
you might just meet the lady of your dreams in Barranquilla, Colombia!
First of all, my name is Matt, I’m from Houston, Texas, I am single.
I flew from Houston to Miami on Continental and then flew from Miami to Barranquilla on Avianca Airlines,
a brand new top of the line Airbus, the best plane I ever flew on. This plane made the short 2 1/2 hour flight to Barranquilla
very enjoyable, the food and service was great and they have a DVD screen behind each seat,
with your choice of the latest and best movies to watch, all for free! If you don’t want to watch movies
you can relax in your comfortable seat and enjoy the view out your window.

When I arrived at the (BAQ) Barranquilla airport, I went through customs and got my luggage, and when I came outside,
Sam was waiting right there and welcomed me to Barranquilla! As promised, Sam brought lots of
beautiful Colombian ladies with him to meet me at the airport, and after all the guys who were arriving on that flight
came outside, we got on the Chiva bus, where more ladies were seated and waiting to greet us!
The Chiva bus or party bus is an experience in itself! The driver plays very loud Colombian dance music
as he drives us to our hotel, and the ladies sing along and some dance in the aisles to the music.
I sat next to two beautiful and friendly Colombian ladies, and had a great bus ride to the hotel!

Guys, the fun starts at the airport and doesn’t end till you leave Colombia!
We arrived at the hotel, and after checking in, which was very easy to do,
we attended a welcome party that Sam and Consuelo had planned for us that night in the hotel.
The ladies from the Chiva bus joined us as well as some new ladies and we sat down at tables, had free refreshments
and got to talk and meet the ladies, they were all very friendly, sincere, and very happy to meet single American men.
I’m learning Spanish, but the translators are there to help you if you need them!
I met a lot of ladies and got some phone numbers, then went out to dinner,
to a pizza place with some of the guys and a date.
Then went back to the hotel and called it a day, after a good nights rest. 

I came down the next morning (Friday) for the free breakfast buffet which is included with your stay at the Hotel.
It was delicious, or in Spanish Que Rico! After that we had a meeting with Sam and the immigration attorney,
(Gary Bala) who answered any questions you might have about finding a Colombian wife.
Then came Friday Night, the big event where hundreds of beautiful single ladies showed up to meet you.
I had a great time, I meet a lot of very nice looking ladies, took a lot of photos and got a lot of phone numbers!
Then a bunch of us got together with our dates and went to a disco. We had a great time.
The Colombian ladies love to dance. Don’t worry if you are out of practice dancing,
the ladies will dance with you anyway and teach you some dance moves, you will have lots of fun!
The Colombian Cumbia and Salsa music, is very easy to dance too, I love the Colombian music
and loved dancing with the ladies! I had a great time!

The next day, (Saturday) lots of guys went on more dates, and then came the Saturday night event,
Sam delivered again, although not as many ladies showed up on Saturday night,
I still met some beautiful ladies and a group of us got together and went to another disco,
where we danced and had a great time again! Guys, not only do you meet beautiful sincere romantic Colombian ladies,
but you meet a bunch of great new friends from America, guys who have something in common with you,
they are single and tired of being alone and want to find a beautiful wife.

You will make lots of new friends and have good memories that will last a lifetime when you go with I Love Latins.
Sam Smith the owner is right there to make sure you have a good time, and answer any questions you might have.

Sunday, and we had the pool party, Sam provided lunch and we had a cake celebrating Sam’s birthday
(Happy Birthday Sam) After that I went to a Colombian church, because I am a Christian, I always go to church on Sunday.
Another thing I like about the ladies in Colombia is that they have a love for God and admire a man who goes to church.
Monday, I went with a date to the Mall, it was as modern and clean as any mall in the USA, 
we went to the mall movie theater, and to my surprise, the movies in Colombia are in English, with Spanish subtitles,
so that’s great if you don’t know Spanish very well! Then we got something to eat,
and I bought a swimsuit for my date, because we had plans to go to Santa Marta the next day
and she didn’t have a swimsuit.
Tuesday morning I met my date at the hotel and the translator had arranged for a tour van to meet us at the hotel.
A group of us were going to Santa Marta, Colombia, which is a beautiful city on the coast, well known for its beaches!
The van ride was short and enjoyable. I enjoyed the scenery of Colombia with my lovely date by my side.
We arrived in Santa Marta, where we went swimming in the clean refreshing waters of the Caribbean Sea,
my date looked "muy hermosa" in her new swimsuit!
We rented a ride on the Banana boat, its a long float type boat shaped like a banana that seats about six people,
and you hold on as they tow you around the water with another boat.
When they make a sharp turn, everyone falls off into the water,
then they help you back on and they do it again, its lots of fun!
After that, we had a delicious, fresh and inexpensive fish dinner at the beach side restaurant,
it was fresh fish, they bring the fish out to you on a platter and you pick the one you want cooked,
it was probably the best fish dinner I had ever eaten! We had a great time in  Santa Marta,
and I recommend a side trip there, if you have time!
There are lots of things to do and places to see in and around Barranquilla, including Santa Marta and Cartagena,
but in Barranquilla there are modern museums, zoos, and a beach too,
although it’s not as nice as the Santa Marta beach, its worth visiting.
I plan to go see some more of these places on my next tour with I Love Latins.

Yes, I am going again soon! In summary, the I Love Latins tour was a success,
I haven’t had this many dates in years, I am very satisfied with the tour and Sam delivered what he promised!
The beautiful women of Barranquilla are very friendly, sincere and romantic, they are real women,
looking for a sincere relationship, they want you to be the man, and they like to be treated like ladies.
They are not prostitutes, so if you are looking for that, don’t go on this tour.
If you are looking for sincere, beautiful ladies, who want to date you, and want to be your friend and make you happy, 
then go online or call Sam Smith and sign up today, for an exciting, romantic,
I Love Latins tour, you won’t regret it! Your friend, Matt in Houston!

PS. Guys and Sam, after attending your Sept. 09 BQ tour,
I came back and saw you had a “5 year plan on your website of all the tours you can go on so I did it!”
I Paid Again for 5 years of I love Latins tours! What a Great deal and I know you can deliver!

I had a great time with you in Barranquilla Sept 09, the ladies treat you like a man
and they want to be treated like ladies, and they are beautiful! What more can you ask for. Matt!

If the guys have questions they can email me personally, but
my advise is “Do what I Did, sign up for the I Love Latins 5 year plan and Live Life!”

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BQ Tour Testimonial..."A Great Experience"

Dear Sam and Consuelo, sorry it took so long for me to write this, I want to thank you for a positive and satisfying vacation.
I met some of the most beautiful young ladies that I would have never met in the States.
Not that the states don't have them, but they are not as approachable and friendly as they are in Barranquilla.
The tours in Barranquilla provides the average guy a chance to meet a beautiful Latina, all sizes, shapes and colors.
The best thing is, you don't even have to be rich or famous to get the time of day from these beautiful ladies. It's Great!!
I just hate it took me so long to make up my mind to go on a tour.
Guys who is reading this, GO ON THE TOURS!!!, it's money well spent.
If you're looking to meet a beautiful Latin Woman, this is where the playing field gets even.
Any questions, You guys are free to email me...
Thanks again Sam, I will be back on the next one. 
Big Paul, Atl. GA, BQ tour  
Dear Sam: I have enjoyed your emails for some time. I am so happy that I met my novia!!! 
She is a wonderful woman in Barranquilla.
I have never been more happy or believe that I have ever been this much in love.
No, she is not a Barbie doll and would be considered gordita (the women are much thinner there) 
Never have I met anyone as wonderful as her.
I highly recommend that all of your readers go to Barranquilla on your tour.
You will never meet more women who are beautiful inside and out anywhere else in the world.
I did it the hard way and got extremely lucky, if you are  looking for a woman who is kind,
loving, loyal and passionate with all the the best qualities of the opposite sex, go to Colombia on Sam's' tour.
It is highly respected in Barranquilla and the only complaint I have heard
from my novias's friends is that there are not enough men for all the eligible women.
I speak from experience.
Anyone who has any doubts can write to me. In an uncertain world,
Sam's tours and reputation is a certainty!!!.

Thanks, Bill Dilgard

Testimonial from BQ tour as Promised!

I really enjoyed my time in Barranquilla, Colombia. 
Guys if you would like a lot of pretty women all over you
then it is a "must" that you get off your butt, and take this trip. 
You will have all the dates you could possibly handle.
The restaurants are great and the people are friendly and it is very laid back.

Sam and Consuelo made everything work for the best for us guys.
There is no sense of being bored when all the fun and ladies are in Barranquilla,
so reserve your tour today, pack your bags and book your flight you will not regret it! Marvin B., Texas 

To Sam, Consuelo and The Gentlemen,
I just got back from the September tour in Barranquilla, Colombia. I had a ball.
I just wanted to meet the Ladies, no dates however I ended up on 8 dates with 8 different women.
All the Ladies were fit, fashionable, friendly, affectionate, loving, tenacious, romantic, loyal and beautiful.
I even made a short video of my experience of the tour and I am in it!
Yes I was like many of you debating weather or not to take the chance and go on the tour events.
Gentlemen! its worth it!
  You won't regret it!
sometimes it's good to save the best for last, and yes...... I DID IT! and I am going back again again!
Colombian women are extraordinary women, they are shy at first and once they know you, they like you.
I met allot of women
, I met so many women I don't remember meeting half of them.
The Ladies at the September tour events look very nice,
they dress very well and they will even look nice for you too!
I had Ladies give me foot massages just because they wanted to.
One Lady cooked me dinner and another did all of my laundry.
None of the Ladies wanted me to leave Barranquilla, Colombia.
One of the Ladies offer to go with me to the BAQ Airport to see me off and of course
I declined that offer because I didn't want to see her crying as I leave.
I met many friends, however I chose not to get Involved with a special Lady on this trip yet.
Maybe on the next trip. Its just too many women to choose from so I want to leave my options open.
The women in Colombia are mostly old fashioned, loyal and faithful.
Colombia women believe the man is large and in charge. (Nothing like American women!)
Colombia women believe that the man is the head, not the tail and they always put Gentlemen first.
The Colombia women never ask you for anything except attention!
Colombia women don't care about you're haves or have nots.
all they care about is you being a Gentleman and being gentle to them. be nice to them!
Colombia women Love more, judge less and when they Love, they Love hard!
Gentlemen! the Ladies are real, any questions?
The issue is not them, the issue is you! the choice is yours!
So, get off your hind parts and pick up the telephone and call Sam now?
Sam and Consuelo it was a pleasure meeting and working with you and being a part of your family. 
You're  good people and your word is always good.
You are perfect, just the best.
Thank you!  George from LA!

PS. Yes, Sam and Consuelo, I am telling "ALL" of my single friends
and co-workers about your services, many will be on your next tour, you will see!
Everyone needs to know about your services!!!
Romance tour, Barranquilla, George Parker George Parker, Romance tour, Barranquilla, George Parker, enjoying life George Parker on Romance tour in Barranquilla, George Parker enjoying life

HI, Sam,
This is Terry from Florida. I would like to take a minute and say thank you for a awesome tour!
This was my second tour in about 2 years.
I must admit, I was very excited to go and could hardly sleep the night before. 
I was expecting to meet allot of people, make new friends and possibly yes, find true love. 
Everything was as you described.

The airport pickup was exciting. I did think it was funny that we could not fit all the ladies and guys on the Chiva bus.
What a nice problem to have. We all had a great time all the way to the hotel.
What I like about your event Sam, is that even if I do not meet the women of my dreams, I feel like I get my money's worth.
For example, you keep us busy with options from the time we get off the plane until the event ends on Monday.
After going to others events there in Barranquilla, I notice that this is the main difference.
You are Very well organized and I feel like I got good value for my time.
Oh yeah, there are tons of lady to meet too. The Friday night event was exciting. 
You feel like a famous person when you walk in the room.
So many Beautiful ladies asking for your number, you name, can they take pictures with you.
So many ladies to say hi too.
It is my advice to the men in the future, to meet with your translator
and plan a game plan for crowd control. This way you can meet everybody.
Without a plan, you will find yourself walking in circles. I am not kidding. 
Saturday night, the same thing, just different ladies. By this time,
I had already narrowed the field down to just a few dates for the week. 
All the ladies are so nice... I could go on and on, but I will tell you this.
I love Latins is a great company with passion and good relationships with so many ladies and in fact all of Colombia.
And the difference I see in your company is that you really enjoy what you do.
All the people are really nice to you and the ladies really respect you. 
It was great being apart of your event and thank you for making everything so very smooth and simple...

Now, did I meet someone?
I know you hear allot of stories from guys about meeting a lady or two or a few, well here is mine.
I met a very nice lady 28 years old. She has a physiatrist degree..
She lives with her mother, who was at the event too.
BEAUTIFUL! and it is absolutely amazing how much we have in common.
We now chat everyday online.. We call each other at least 4-5 times per day.. etc... etc...etc..
I will not bore you with the details, but I do not think I will be making your next tour.


Hello Sam & Consuelo, 
I really enjoyed Barranquilla in the September 09 Tour. 
I should have gone to Barranquilla 5 years ago with you. 
I have been in Cali, Colombia 6 times before and I had no luck finding a girl for me. 
I didn't want to give up on looking for my soul mate, so I called Gary Bala
the immigration Attorney and he talked to me about Barranquilla.
Gary told me a lot of good things about the girls in Barranquilla. 
I am glad I went on that September tour, Sam I am also glad I met you and Consuelo.
Sam I know with yours and Consuelo's help, also with Alexis my Translator helping me, 
I will meet someone special for me. It's my Dream to marry a Beautiful Colombian Lady.
 I am not going to give up on my Dream.
Thank You  Sam & Consuelo Take Care, Sincerely, Billy.

I am really glad I did the "5 year plan", so I can take my time
and enjoy the full benefits of meeting and getting to know many more good ladies.

PS. I am looking forward to going Back to Barranquilla on September 9, 2010.
Sam you will see how much weight I have lost and how good I can Salsa Dance now. 
I appreciate every Thing, yall do for me.
(Sam, So don't Stop the Music, let's keep on Dancing!!!). 
I cherish yall's friendship,

Take Care, Billy

Romance tour, Barranquilla, Happy testimonial, Singles Vacation Marriage agency, Latin marriage agencies, Colombian marriage agency, Barranquilla marriage agency

I know you think I'm a non- believer. I mean who else pays and never goes?!?!?!?
One think is for sure, you always seem to have a lady that draws me back! 
I have a friend from Cali, that has connected me to a very fine young lady; but she Ain't this fine
(attached foto), and I'll bet she Ain't as sincere.
The girls that I have spoken to with I love Latins have been very sweet, and more importantly seem to genuine. 
Who is this girl in the foto? I want to marry her tonight!
LOL, Big Greg.

Sam thank you for this e-mail and may God bless you and your beautiful wife, Consuelo
for the good things you are doing in helping lonely men and women find happiness!...

Reggie, Alt. GA

"Character is that which reveals moral purpose, exposing the class of things a man chooses or avoids."
-Aristotle (384 - 322 b.c.)

"Without sacrifice you will never know your real potential..."

Hello Sam and Consuelo.
This is Eduardo, with this letter I want to show my gratitude
and appreciation for the awesome experience I had in the
February 23-28 ilovelatins tour to Barranquilla.
I had the best time in my life, it was amazing to see how many beautiful young ladies showed up to the events,
I was able to meet so many girls in one day, it was something I could only fantasize about before.
It was the greatest dream of my life and it became true.
I loved all the events from the beginning when you went to pick us up at the airport with so many beautiful girls,
I was so happy to see all this beautiful girls that went to meet us,
and I knew from the start that I was going to have the best vacation of my life.
Then we went to hotel Howard Johnson where the event took place,
they treat us so nice, the people are so nice and the service was excellent.
I loved everything, all the events especially the pool party at the private cabana,
I met so many beautiful girls and I had so much fun.
I thank you so much for this great service you provide, the tour was excellent,
this is the best place for anyone looking for the woman of their life.
I appreciate it so much THANK YOU... Sincerely, Eduardo in CA.
Pool Party


Dear Sam, I hope this e-mail finds you, Consuelo and the rest of the family well and in good spirits.
When I left my house on Saturday morning to to take my daily jog I was greeted by a 28 degree temperature
with winds howling at 30 miles an hour. I had to go back into my house and put on a hooded sweatshirt
otherwise I may have incurred a bad case of wind burn. It made me start to reminisce about Barranquilla
and its ideal weather at this time of the year. The day time temperatures are in the high 80's
while the night time lows are in the 70's. Also at the end of November through the month of February,
Barranquilla experiences very strong breezes off of the Caribbean Sea which make even a temperature in the 80's very refreshing.
Thinking about Barranquilla also brought to my mind many pleasant memories. 
The best times of my entire life have taken place in Barranquilla!! 
The women of Barranquilla are unlike any other city in Colombia including Medellin and Cali. 
I have visited Medellin and Cali in the past. 
The women of these two cities are usually cold, more distant, selective, and not easily approachable. 
The women of Barranquilla are, however, more down to earth, easily approachable, readily will accept a gentlemen
20 to 30 years their senior, are very loving, caring, fun to be with, are extremely sensual, and more beautiful
than women in any other Latin American country.
I know that this tour will be your best tour ever! 
I confirmed my flight with Avianca and was informed by the reservation's agent that there are still seats available
on Flight # AV 003 departing Miami at 14:00 hours or 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. The rates are the lowest in 10 years. 
A round trip ticket from Miami averages at about $370.00 U.S. 
A prospective client can save himself a good deal of money by booking two tickets. 
The first one would be with a domestic airline from his origin city. 
The client should leave his city early enough so that he arrives in Miami at least by 12:00 p.m. 
A two hour window will give him enough time to check in with Avianca for his direct flight to Barranquilla. 
The airlines usually recommend a 3 hour window for international flights.
Most domestic airlines will check in your luggage all the way to Barranquilla
if you show them your e-ticket when you check in at your origin city. 
This will require the client to wait in line at his origin city to check in for his flight. 
It is worth the wait because when the client arrives in Miami,
he does not have to pick up his luggage and recheck it with Avianca. 
It is best that your prospective client check with his domestic airline to confirm that they are able to check in
his luggage to the destination city. I have flown via United and American to Barranquilla,
and I have always been able check in my luggage all the way to Barranquilla. 
The client's airline will tag the luggage with Avianca's flight number and the airport code for Barranquilla which is BAQ. 
I hope that some of your prospective clients that have been sitting back and waiting for the economy to improve
or waiting to see who wins the presidential election, take immediate action and sign up for your Thanksgiving Tour. 
They will have the best time of their entire lives and will increase their chances tremendously to meet the woman of their dreams! 
Your tour is two weeks away and I can't see why any single gentlemen would want to spend the Thanksgiving weekend home alone 
or visiting a relative's house, eating a Turkey dinner and watching a boring football game. 
I would rather eat my Thanksgiving dinner in Barranquilla and be seated at a table
with several beautiful single ladies who are sincere in meeting their life long mates.
Take care and best regards always... your Amigo in Chicago, Ted
P.S. I can hardly wait to see the group of  beautiful ladies that will greet me and the rest of your tour clients at the airport. 
Sam, may your Cupid arrows fly throughout your events while sincere gentlemen pair up with equally sincere and beautiful ladies of Barranquilla!

Subject: Happy Birthday Consuelo

I wish you a very happy birthday, and many more to come. 
Sam and Consuelo, I had a great time on the Thanksgiving tour. 
You  probably noticed, I found a very nice girl, Claudia, thru Silvy's efforts. 
I thank you both for reminding me that I needed to take the tour to change my life. 
I was spending time with Claudia is why I did not attend all of the events, but I am sure you understand.

Your friend always, Woodie, Charleston, South Carolina

Thanks Sam!!!

Finally, I made the tour for Thanksgiving after years of just thinking about it. 
I consider going to Barranquilla one the major decisions in my life. 
I love the city and the girls. I met several real nice girls, and then I met "the GIRL". 
Sending some pictures of Claudia and me which you can share with other members,
especially the ones that cannot make that big decision. Of course, my lovely interpreter Silvy, makes a fine picture.
The city has a lot to offer, and I never did feel that I was in an unsafe place. 
With the McDonalds, hugh malls, and Chevy cars, I could have been in any large city in the USA. 
Going back the middle of January and cannot wait. To heck with Christmas, BQ is my holiday place now.

If any of the guys want to talk / ask questions, just email or call me or better yet,
just Do what Sam says and Just Reserve your own tour online in 1 minute and they will all deliver for you too.
Woodie Wallace
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Well Gentlemen Woodie says it all...I Love Latins More than Delivers...

Don't miss out, Reserve Your Vacation Online in "1" minute!!!! Love is in the Air!

Hi Sam, I hope you, Consuelo, your family, friends and property all survived the hurricane with minimal damage! 
Were you able to fly out of Houston in time to meet the tour participants? 
I know you have made every single tour without any cancellations...even during and following 911 (September 11, 2001).
I know you had another successful tour because you are actively involved in all aspects of the tour.
I looking forward to meeting you at the airport in November! 
I know you will have a nice group of beautiful ladies in attendance awaiting the arrival of the tour participants at the airport. 
I can hardly wait!! Best regards .....your amigo in Chicago, Ted

“Hello single men who are ‘still thinking’ out there.
I just got back from the I Love Latins February tour and it was a blast!!
What Sam promised came to fruition. “Sam is the man!”

First of all, the Big Chiva bus full of sexy ladies were waiting for us upon our arrival in the BAQ airport.
During your short ride to the hotel, you will talk and meet some of those sexy ladies and a lot more
at the hotel just waiting for you. I met my personal interpreter on the bus.
On my very first day, I was asked to go out to a nightclub by a lady on the bus!
Never in the U.S. did that ever happen. 

I met many women on the first and second night.
After the men’s personal introductions, women actually approach you
and give you their personal information and you will be assisted by a gorgeous interpreter
You are then free to go out with them or go as a group with some of your friends you will meet on the tour. 

The pool party was the highlight of the tour with live Caribbean music
and beautiful ladies all around you smiling and vying for your attention
The setting surprised me. A truly beautiful setting in the cabana area with a few footsteps
to the pool or a short walk to the beach, you are surrounded by lush vegetation
and an unforgettable tropical breeze….and the tasty barbecue….

I was lucky and did not expect this.
One of the ladies and her 2 gorgeous cousins invited me and a friend to her house
for a special homemade Colombian meal!!
They made a special fresh fish entre and fresh tamarindo juice with nice salsa music in the background.
What more could you ask for!!

This was an experience I would never forget and my only regret was leaving too early:( 
You can always extend your stay
You men need to do “2” things.
1) Listen to Sam, he is very honest and he knows what he is doing.
2) Get out of your comfort zone,
spread your wings and make it happen!! “Just Do It”
If you could live 100 years from now and look back,
what would you do to change it?? Time is short and we all know that!”

Rommel, California

Singles Vacation Singles Vacation

Sam, you delivered what you said you would deliver and Yes even more.

The city itself and people who live in Barranquilla gave me a sense of warmth and safety during my entire stay for 16 days.

My translator Erika was top notch, never letting me go it alone,
even when she was not participating with the event. I have traveled to numerous countries
and I can say without a doubt that I was astounded at the beauty of the country
and of course all the beautiful females that I had the pleasure to meet.

It is so true what you had stated about the educated women in Barranquilla,
they are truly intelligent, resourceful, respectful and their natural beauty is breath taking.
Needless to say, I will be back in June and to all my single buddies out there,
stop wondering when you will meet the one that is right for you,
get on one of Sam's tours and start going in the right direction with your life.

Sam's tours are the real deal, sign up for the next tour and you will also be writing a positive testimonial very soon.
See you in June Sam. Your Amigo, Bob from North Carolina 
Latin Women

Sam, I will send you a testimony of my trip here in Barranquilla, Colombia
when I return home to the United States. Barranquilla is and will always be
awesome because of three reasons: culture, food, and the people.
My life will not be the same as it was when I felt alone, miserable,
bored, and wanted to sleep and never wake up.
So anyways, I will write a good testimony in order to convince
other hesitant guys to come to BAQ. Talk to you later.

Hey Erika, I just want you to know that I returned home to the United States.
I hope that you are doing well and Thanks for making my trip to Barranquilla fun, exciting, and something I won't forget.
Thanks for the excellent hotel service, food, everything and the women.
I will try to stay in contact with all of them, especially Paola and Stephanie.
If you need anything, please let me know. Gracias y adios.
Subject: My Testimony of Barranquilla, Colombia

Barranquilla, Colombia is a place you always dream about going.
It is declared my "Second Home" because of the great warmth, respect, safety,
and joy I had when I was there for only 6 days.
I had or will never experience any of these in the United States.

For guys who are hesitant about going to Barranquilla, I was in the same situation as you are.
I was very nervous about leaving my country alone but was also more tired, miserable,
and frustrated with the disappointment the American culture causes.
At BAQ, you can basically choose any woman and as many women you want to date.
Fact: In the United States, you may date 1-3 women you are interested
but they do not feel the same way you do. Usually, they would come up with excuses
not to go out with you again or build an intimate relationship with you.

If you are still scared or doubtful of going to Barranquilla but keep going on www.ILoveLatins.com
websites to read the information and look at pictures of the Colombian women,
then you need to answer this question: What is more important in your life?
A. Living in fear, doubts, misery, rejection, loneliness, facing disappointment or negativity,
pretending to be happy and satisfied with your life as the way it is despite
knowing well that you are sad, angry, or in any other emotional pain.
B. Finding true joy, happiness, someone who treats you as a real human being
or better than your own family, friends, or supervisors, regaining your childhood moments,
turning your life all the way around, not going through the painful times when you are alone, 
rejected, or thinking that no one really cares about how you feel deeply inside your heart.

Life is short and everyone faces obstacles or hard times in order to gain strength and have a better life.
So go after your dreams, face your fears, and go to Barranquilla.
Ask God to give you strength. Once you go, you will feel better than ever.
I am truly satisfied and thankful that God brought me to Barranquilla, Colombia.
Everything and everyone there was great.
I went out with 4 or 5 incredible ladies who risked their time to be with me
and did not make excuses at all. I also thanked God for meeting Ericka Caro, my translator.
She was/is a good friend who looked out for me and made me comfortable.
I opened up to her about mostly everything in my life.
Usually, I do not do that because I am shy and quiet.
Also, it seems like people are not trustworthy or caring except for their own life.

After meeting Colombian women, I definitely have zero interest in meeting or going out with American women.
Fact: You will never find an American girlfriend who is equal with a Colombian girlfriend regardless
of personality, qualities, or even religious beliefs.
They both come from two completely different cultures.
Therefore, they both have different ways, thoughts, views, and experiences of life as it seems to be.

Another way I can encourage you to go to Barranquilla is writing facts about what you know
about the American culture and what you know about the Colombian culture.
You can write this:
American culture-people, media, music, places, food, safety, prices
Colombian culture-people, media, music, places, food, safety, prices

For guys who want to know more or plan to go to Barranquilla, Colombia,
Just Do It, You will not be disappointed when you go with I Love Latins
Ernest DeBrew, Williamsburg, VA, USA

Well Gentlemen Ernest says it all...I Love Latins More than Delivers...

Don't miss out, Reserve Your Vacation Online in "1" minute!!!! Love is in the Air!

My testimonial.
My name is Michael from Washington, D.C.. Like many people I was scared to go to Colombia.
I was terrified up to the point that I met my translator Erika.
She was waiting at the airport when I arrived in Colombia. She was the most helpful person that I have ever met.
She did a lot more then translate. She took me to my hotel, set up my dates, and helped arrange activities for me and my dates.
Erika was also very helpful at telling me the customs of Colombia .

 I had more dates in 6 days then I have had in the last two years.
I even had a date on the day that I arrived in Barranquilla. I told Erika that I would like two dates a day.
I know that she could have obtained more then this if I had asked her to.

 We went to many places. We went to: the mall, the movies, the zoo, and the Caribbean Sea.
I told her that I wanted to ride a city bus. She helped me to do that.
She even took me to her house and introduced me to her mother, father, niece, and brother.
We went out to eat a lot too. The food was delicious.
They have many restaurants like in the United States. I particularly like the pizza place that we went to.

 Yes, I did meet someone special. It is a person that is very dear to me.
I began to miss her from the day that I came back to the United States.
I would recommend any one that is thinking of coming to Colombia that they should not hesitate because of fear.
The second day that I was in Colombia, I was taking walks up and down the street.
I did not have any fear at all. There are places in Colombia that I felt more safe than on some streets in Washington D.C. 

If anyone has any questions they can email me.

Yes, I would fully recommend I Love Latins services and especially ask for Erika C.
as your personal translator on your tour and adventure to Barranquilla, Colombia!
Michael said it all… Now it’s up to you! Take the next and best step of your life…
Reserve your own I Love Latins Romance tour Online in “1” minute!!!

From: Joseph G. To: I Love Latins & Barranquilla Beauties Subject: Re: Success

Thanks, I owe you so much!!!

Joe G.

From: Joseph G. To: Sam Smith

Hi Guys, I have been successful (thanks to I Love Latins) in meeting the woman of my dreams, Lidia Beleno Patino. 
I will be contacting Gary Bala (lawyer) to start proceedings for marriage and immigration to US. 
The down side of this is I have to give up my on-line profile as Lidia told me if I really loved here I would do this. It makes sense. 
However, I want to keep in touch with you guys but I must  terminate my on-line listing or profile or whatever its called. 
BQ women are wonderful but a bit jealous so I'm not rocking the boat.
Please take care of this request and I will keep in contact with you.
Thanks a ton. Your friend, Joseph G. President/Owner Ingleside, IL. USA
A Wedding

Sam, With the help of Gary, Lidia and I have set the date of Saturday to get married in BQ. 

If you and your wife are there we would love to have you join us.

 Sam  what can I say - you are the greatest. So is Clayton and Gary. Joe G.
Greetings :)

Hi Sam, Everything is moving along thanks to our mutual friend Gary Bala. We hope Lidia will be here in the US by July. 

Can you give me the link to your office in BQ so I can order flowers for Lidia for Valentine's Day?

 Thanks, Joe G.

Hi Sam, Haven't heard from you or I Love Latins. Now that I am married to Lidia I guess you took my name off of your list.
The castle in Barranquilla we were married in was Awesome! And the 1938 Mercedes was a great get away car, we really enjoyed that!
I would like to keep in touch with everyone which brings me to the real reason for my email.

One time I remember you mentioning a charity in BQ you felt was worthy of support. 
I don't remember its name. I think it had to do with a school. 
As I am going to BQ on August 24th for about 10-days I would like to visit the school and make a donation.

Gary is working very hard to get Lidia here but it takes time. 
We think Lidia will go before the US Consulate in Bogotá sometime in September and come to our home in Ingleside Illinois.

Once again thanks for bringing Lidia and I together! Your friend, Joe G.

Reserve Your Vacation Online in "1" minute!










                    YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW!!!


MUCHO GRACIAS, Smiles, Craig

Dear Sam, I would like to tell all the potential visitors to Barranquilla to sign up and go as quick as possible. 
I went in February and it was the best time of my life. 
I met so many lovely ladies that I was stunned. 
Hey guys get off the couch and call Sam. 
You will not regret it! 
The women of Barranquilla are wonderful, nice and very beautiful.
I found the woman of my dreams and so can you. 
I live in New York where there are women from all over the world
but the women of Colombia are much more beautiful. 
They also have traditional values. Sadly that’s lacking in the USA.
I can not stress enough the importance of calling Sam if you want a happy life. 
I plan to marry the lady I met and you need to find one for yourself. 
Call Sam today! You will be doing yourself a big favor.

You can thank me later, Cliff, NY.

Hey, I want you to know that I am creating a group on Facebook. Sam, if you don't mind, I want to get your permission to do
this because I want to encourage other guys to join I Love Latins or visit the websites.
If you want me to add something to the group information or what, please let me know. Thanks. Ernest

Sam my brother, It was an absolute joy to be with you on your birthday in Barranquilla.
It was the best medicine for my stress and depression.
I appreciate your love and friendship and I pray all is well with your family and home in Texas.
I will call you tomorrow, and give my sincere best wishes to your incredible wife. 
Take care and God bless you.
Always your friend, James Griffin

Hello Sam; I want to thank you for the wonderful time in Barranquilla. 
I met a lot of quality ladies because there were a lot of ladies from which to pick! 
I think perhaps there were too many ladies. 
The pool party was awesome too. 
All in all, the trip was everything you said it would be and Yes, much more. 
Thank you again and I can honestly say I will be returning to Barranquilla with you
and I Love Latins.
See you soon; Eddie Murphy

Sam, You're a great man, honest, thanks Sam!
Not many of you left in this life. Your new friend, Mike

Dear Sam, In 2004, I corresponded with you about possibly using your service. I sent some photos with my email.
You wrote me back and said I would have no problem finding the woman of my dreams!
Two weeks later, your web master sent me an email stating my profile was on your site.
Whew, over 300 ladies contacted me! 6 months later, I did find the women of my dreams;
and I have a wonderful family now. I owe all of this to you and your website.
Anyway, I owe you $200. Can I PayPal it to you?
 Thanks, David Evans 


Hello Sam, I am Juan Arrona. The guy that just recently joined the tour for the September Valentine's event. 
First of all, I would like to Thank You for the wonderful work that you are doing.
You are a GOOD MAN SAM. I am very glad to have met you.
You answered my questions that I had because it was my first time ever in such an event and off course Colombia.
What better way to talk to you in person one on one over breakfast. Sam, you are making lots of men HAPPY!!!!!!!
I am very greatful to have found your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***** www.ilovelatins.com
(surfed it and loved it because you can view profiles, email, IM people before you meet them...wow awesome)
Which motivated me to not postpone my trip. Instead, get on the plane and join the tour in Barranquilla.

I arrived at night on Sept 14th and left on the 19th. I was very pleased the way the tour went.
Loved the way the introductions were conducted. What a wonderful atmosphere...wow...
full of excitement and seeing I would say hundreds, yes that's right hundreds of Beautiful Colombian Women.
beside me and all around me, and rubbing shoulder as I walked by.hahaha. and best of all...
Approachable to talk to (it cannot get better than that)...
serious minded that were there for the same reason as the men.. MARRIAGE MINDED.
After the first hour I just gave up I knew that I could not meet all of them... what a loss.
I managed to meet about 9 Young Beautiful Sexy women and went out to eat that same night with a couple.
The following night was as unbelievable as the first night. Wow. Yet before the 2nd night.
I could not wait to meet a lot more beautiful ladies...
and sure enough not only met but exceeded my expectations
(I am just so excited writing my anecdotes about Barranquilla)
Not only that but I did find someone extremely attractive with whom I went out during my stay there.
Beauty is on my top list. Yet not only that but I also was looking for honesty and sincerity in a woman
which I found in this person as well. Her name is Gladys.
Thank you Gladys for the time that we spent together and going out to different places.
To say the least I will go back to Barranquilla and see you!!!!!!!!!!
After all, Barranquilla is a beautiful place. Full of palm trees all over and is right on the coast. It is a safe place.
From my stay at the hotel to going out was like any small town in the states.
Nothing bad happened to me nor did I see any incidents. I had these ladies taking care of me. hahahaaaa.
No seriously, it is a safe place really. Besides, the best thing to do no matter where you go is to act like a local.
Does not matter if you do not speak the language... act local.
My only regret is that I only wished I could have stayed a lot longer. Unfortunately, I had to return to the states.
I am already thinking and making my plans for my next trip to Barranquilla. I am so excited.
It is definitely one of the most memorable things in my life.
From now on whenever I see or hear the name Colombia my mind will go back to those beautiful moments, days...
that tour during Valentines Day week in Barranquilla where I met many beautiful sexy women.
Why didn't I know about these events much earlier?????!!!!!!!
Well, your website www.ilovelatins.com  did it for me and a phone call Sam.
The way things are working out now in my life I do not see myself single much longer, ;))))))lol.
Before I close, I would like to THANK YOU AGAIN SAM for being there as a bridge for men and women.
I admire you for being there to build relationships and ultimately marriages.
God Bless You, Sam.
You showed concerned all throughout the whole tour. I know you love what you are doing.
Thanks so much for being there. I cannot Thank You enough, Sam.
Forever Grateful, Juan Arrona
****Sam, feel free to post my above gratitude... so single men who are frustrated and think ****
they will never find someone nor get married to not think twice.
So they can make the trip ****join the next tour ****and START LIVING FROM NOW ON
with someone BEAUTIFUL, ****SEXY, TALL, SHORT,
****WHATEVER TYPE OF WOMAN THEY LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
****Everyone deserves and has a ****right to be happy... and will be happy...
it is a ****guarantee thanks to your system Sam.
****I will be glad to answer any questions to any single men out there Sam.
Feel free to give ****them my email
Juan Said It All...Now it's time for you to Wake Up and

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Sam, After far too much procrastinating, I just signed up for my first trip with your www.ilovelatins.com
and can't wait to get the five day fiesta going in June with all those lovely Latinas
you have invited to meet us red blooded American guys. Sam, you are the Man!
Sam, this won't be my first trip to Colombia or even South America for that matter.
I've been to Bogota and Caracas on business trips and know all about the special beauty
of Latin women, both inside and out. And, the Colombianas are the very best. Good choice, Sam.

 So, I hope you have a lot of guys joining me this June.
The more the merrier because Colombianas love to meet American guys
and we shouldn't let them down. You won't ever find several hundred American women 
thronging to a hotel ballroom to meet men for a weekend. Only in Colombia.

Guys, you will love these women at first sight and might likely find yourself loving one of them forever. 
Your newest Florida member, Jim

P.S.  I once asked an American friend married to a Colombiana how he would compare
Colombian women and American women. His reply was short and to the point.
He said the first thing a Colombian women thinks about in the morning
is how she can please her husband that day. End of story for today, but can't wait for the tour :)

To the Men of America: (After Jim's I Love Latins BQ tour)
After some six years of dancing with the idea of going on one of Sam's trips to Barranquilla, Colombia,
I finally decided on my birthday (Cinco de Mayo -- 5/5 ) that it was Time To Go!

So, I booked a flight to BQ and off I went the first week of June.
Sure, I've been to Colombia before (and to Venezuela twice, too,), but this was to be my first excursion
with an agency such as Sam's. No longer interested in the bar scene, and liking to have things organized,
I went to meet a large number of Colombianas that Sam promised would be there.

Well, Sam didn't disappoint. I showed up. Sam showed up. And, legions of Colombianas showed up.
And, did they ever show up. They showed up dressed to the nines replete
with their ever smiling faces and warm, friendly attitudes.
I mean, these gorgeous ladies really are eager to meet us Americanos.
And, they revel in being what's sadly diminishing in our own culture - FEMININE.
They know how to dress. They even comb their hair.
And, they let you know they want to meet you. No kidding. They ain't shy.

And, no one need worry about the language barrier. It's easily overcome.
Sam had a top flight cadre of translators at the ready for us.
Even though I've had two years of Spanish in night school,
I still kept my fabulous translator, Keren, hopping. In fact, we were almost joined at the hip
so much so that I told her I may want to adopt her. She stayed with me at all the parties and joined me
for most of my dates with these gorgeous women. And, her smile never withered.

My favorite events were the parties on Friday and Saturday nights which were a true blast.
After Sam and his staff introduced all us guys to the ladies we then were free to mingle
-- 12 guys and 200 senoritas in 1 night! -- throughout the ballroom and the hallway.
I felt like a rock star, surrounded by a bevy of beauties of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors.
Thankfully, I was prepared with a hundred of my pictures  (with my name and address on the back )
so I could satisfy their requests for more information.
Keren had to keep my conversations moving to keep all the women happy.
Now I don't know about you guys out there, but this sort of thing just doesn't happen at home.
In fact, my last day in country included breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates.
They were 29, 30 and 40 years of age and they were all professionals -- a teacher, a dentist and a lawyer. 
I'm a 62 year old retired stockbroker who substitutes in a local school here.

I met a dozens of high quality ladies. The overriding theme I heard is they are
"lonely" and they can't trust their men ( "our dogs" they call them ).
Well, who among you can't say the same thing about your lives?
Lonely? Fed up with American women?

Enter Sam. Giving him a chance is giving yourself a chance.
Perhaps a chance to meet your God-given mate, a very lovely, ultra feminine, eager Latina.
A Colombiana to share your name.

Do it and don't wait six years like I did. Do it today. Sign up with Sam.

It's Time To Go, Amigos!

See you in September, Jim
Ft Myers, Florida
Again, Big Jim said it all...
See the live videos, ladies and romance :)
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Sincerely, Sam & Consuelo @ 281-481-0036
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Hi Sam, I just want to tell you that I had a wonderful time in Barranquilla.
You were not kidding when you said if I wanted to meet a lot of
beautiful young ladies that were really interested in meeting me. Wow! 

Hey guys, if you are wondering if you should go on this tour, go on the tour!!
This could be a life changing event for you. It was for me.
I went on the June tour and I’m glad I did.
After talking for about 2 months with a previous tour member who told me a lot about the tour and the woman, I knew I had to go.
He was correct on everything he said regarding the experience that I would have. Hey guys, what are you waiting for?
If you want the time of your life, sign up for the tour and go. There are young beautiful ladies everywhere. 

When I arrived at the Barranquilla airport, and when I stepped out of the terminal I was greeted by Sam,
my translator (Marie Clare, she is the best), and about 50 beautiful young ladies.
To me, finding a woman with those qualities is fantastic. Back in the United States, that is a very hard combination to come by.
Usually an attitude comes with the beauty. I did not take the Chiva bus from the airport to the hotel, a small group of us went in a van.
I heard it was a lot of fun. Next time I will. When we arrived at the hotel, there were more ladies there.
I had already met a real beauty and there were more to meet. This is great, life is good.

Friday, I was busy helping my friend getting last minute details done for his wedding!
He was to get married the next day. I arrived back at the hotel after 7:00 pm. The event was supposed to start at 8:00.
In Barranquilla, almost everything is late. I hurried to get ready and when I went upstairs for the event,
there were all of these young babes all over the place. Yeah!! After being introduced and stepping off the stage,
I was approached by some ladies that wanted to get to know me.
After 1½ hours I finally got past the first row of chairs and I went to get a drink of water.
I spent another 30 minutes talking with some more young ladies. Marie Clare and I were tired of talking.
My jaws were starting to get sore. Overall I believe that I personally met between 80-100 ladies.  

Saturday night I went to my friends wedding. He met his wife in Barranquilla.
It was a great time and I’m so happy for them. It is true that you can meet the woman of your dreams in Barranquilla.

Sunday was the pool party. Again there were about 50 young ladies waiting to go on the Chiva bus.
I had a wonderful time with her at the pool party.
I promised myself that I was going to date as many young ladies that
I could and then make a decision on who I really wanted to be with.

I stayed for another 11 days and I had a fantastic time.
We went to the movies, the zoo, out shopping, to lunch and dinner.
We also spent 2 days in Cartagena that was absolutely fabulous.
Hey guys, if you want to take your special lady to a very nice and romantic place, Cartagena is the place to go. 

I had a great experience while I was in Colombia and Marie Clare was great with not only helping with the translations,
but also as my personal concierge. It seemed she knew everyone and where to go.
She made sure that I was not taking advantage financially by anyone while I was there.
I felt very safe with the places she recommended were I should go.
I’m already planning  my next trip to Barranquilla in September. I can hardly :)

Sam here is my phone number, and email address if anyone is interested in contacting me.
I would be glad to talk to anyone regarding the tour.
Gentleman, if you want to meet a great woman that really cares about you
and that you can be with for the rest of your life, go on the tour!
What Sam say’s is true. You will have a great time. Life is too short to pass on this great adventure. 

Thank you Sam for everything that you have done!
My experience would not have happened
if it were not for you and the good work of you and your staff.
If I can be of any help to you, please let me know. 
   Tracy of San Diego, Ca.
PS. Sam, Attached is my testimonial. Thank you for everything. I have already talked with my boss
and I can get the time off for the next tour. I had so much fun. I want to do this again.
Thanks again for everything. Tracy.

What More can we say:
"Real Men Know what to Do and then Just Do It Now!"
It's Always over flowing with beautiful women in love :) 7+ Years in a row, We Love It!!!

Dear Sam, Thank you for staying in touch. I really appreciate all the e-mails you send to me. 
Your e-mails related  to your agency help me stay in touch with my adopted city Barranquilla. 
If I could retire to a city where the climate is warm 12 months a year, where the people are nice and friendly, 
where there are more beautiful women than any other city in the world, where the cost of living is extremely low
when compared to US cities, where good housing is extremely affordable... I would choose the city of Barranquilla! 
Thank you also for all the "funny" e-mails and jokes.
These e-mails always put a smile on my face and break up a stressful day at my job.

 Please excuse the delay in writing an e-mail to you. I have been extremely busy at my job. 
One of my business associates was recently fired after 17 years with the company. 
I am taking up a lot of the slack to keep the operation going smoothly. 
Unfortunately 60 hour work weeks and many out of town business trips, leaves me with little time for anything else.
I could use an enjoyable vacation. There is no better vacation for a single man to take than a single's tour with I love Latins.
The best vacations I have taken in my entire life have been with I Love Latins. 
You are not only the owner and operator of this fine agency, but you are also a true, caring friend. 
Sure, I have been on tours with other agencies. However there is a huge difference when a comparison is made. 
You are on hand from start to finish for all your tours. 
You truly care about all your clients and do your best so that they can meet that special lady.

 With the other agencies, the owner of the company is rarely in attendance at any of the tours. 
You are nothing more than a number where the basis of the operation is totally profit. 
These other companies always advertise additional activities such as a chiva bus ride,
but don't tell you that the cost is not included in the price of the tour. 
Their websites usually show some  of the most gorgeous women at their pool parties, but this is rarely the case. 
I could go on for several paragraphs about my bad experiences with other tour companies. 

Your prospective clients have to go beyond the glitter and flair of a tour operator's
website and make a decision based on real life testimonials. 
Your clients do not have to be paid money to write a positive testimonial. 
The testimonials written by clients of I Love Latins are based on actual "true to life" experiences!  

Thank your for your friendship!
Your amigo in Chicago, Ted   

And another great thing that truly separates us from all the others out there is:
1) We at I Love Latins Love what we do in serving you and making your dreams come true... and it Shows in Everything we do for you!
2) Our happy and very satisfied clients and friends love to share their experiences with you too... Helping to give back and help you too!


Hi Steve, If you have never been on an organized tour, Sam Smith's tour is one that you should take. 
Sam is on hand from the time you exit the airport terminal, during the tours as well as after the completion of the tours. 
His agency employs some fantastic translators who will be your best friends during your stay in Barranquilla. 
Sam  assigns you a "free" translator during the events and you are free to hire this person after the events. 
The going hourly rate is $6.00 to $7.00 dollars an hour. 
The better you take care of your translator, the harder she or he works for you. 
I usually treat my translator to dinner when she accompanies me on a date and pay for her cab fare back home. 
Cab fare in Barranquilla is relatively inexpensive and runs about $2.00  to $5.00 per trip.
The cities of Barranquilla and Cartagena are relatively safe
and I have never encountered any problems during my travels between the cities. 
Colombia is a Pro-American country and the Colombian people make us feel at home. 
The Colombian women, especially in the city of Barranquilla are attracted to American men. 
Age is usually not a factor with the ladies from Barranquilla and you should have no trouble dating women half your age and better.

 The comradery between fellow tour participants is great and you will have no trouble fitting in with the group. 
I have made many friends with members that reside across the US and I still keep in touch with several on a frequent basis.

 Regards, Ted

P.S. You can book flights to Barranquilla via American Airlines, Orbitz, CheapoAir or Cheaptickets. 
All the airlines stop in Miami and you would then take an Avianca flight to Barranquilla.
If you live in New York or Los Angeles, Avianca recently opened terminals in these two airports. 
I have also purchased two separate tickets in the past to save money. 
One roundtrip ticket from Chicago to Miami and a second roundtrip ticket from Miami to Barranquilla via Avianca Airlines.
You can call Avianca directly via telephone or visit their website. 
If you purchase a ticket package from one of the website companies,
insist on "paper" tickets since Avianca does not accept e-tickets that are not issued by them.


Sam, Good to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words. I had one person call on the voucher
but flying Miami to anywhere in Colombia, there are no seats this late in Time (between now & Aug 18).
This is my fault for not thinking about notifying you about the vouchers last August when we received them.
But selling one out of two isn't real bad. My hope is someone will want to leave from New York or Los Angeles.
The voucher we sold was to a gentleman leaving New York. Others couldn't purchase the vouchers
because Miami to BQ was booked up for the voucher seats well before the June event.
People wait until the last minute to make up their minds to fly to BQ.
Between you & me, this worked out real good for both of us because I must have received 20 calls
and they inevitably ask me questions about the events and it's easy to help promote them because it worked for me -
beyond my wildest expectations and I still have the enthusiasm I had in 2001.
Ivonne & I have been happily married going on 7 years. Wow the time flies when you're happy.
As you probably know, the service you provide sounds too good to be true.
That was my impression too and after I talked with the alumni from your events, I went.
I basically tell them four things:
1. nothing will happen if you don't go to the event - the women don't come here - you have to go there.
2. listen and follow Sam's recommendations to the letter.
3. you'll receive outstanding service, advice and help from Sam and his staff.
4. when you return to the U.S. you will not have any enthusiasm for dating U.S. women.
They seem to resist item 2 the most and I cannot understand why.
You are the one with the most experience. Take care.
Larry Bencar

Sam, I just went through about a hundred short videos you have posted on Google videos. 

Looking at those videos made me happy and sad.
I was happy to see glimpses of the city from the ocean to the castle, all the way back to the hotel. 
I miss those sites in Barranquilla. 
I missed the last tour because I couldn't make the trip because of scheduling. 
I will be back in July. I know it wont be the same. I won't get to see all the great faces. 
I was happy to see some familiar faces like Ross, Big Christopher. 
I still owe Chris a dinner since he paid for the last one. 
My favorite photographer from Boston. Nice to see Kenny made another trip back too. 
I saw James giving his funny snippets he always gives. I don't know James but I know I would like him for sure. 

Sam those women were looking hot as usual. 
A kid in the candy store has nothing on a man in Barranquilla at an I Love Latins event. 
Pool party was awesome as usual. stunning women in bikinis. Leave the pool party with goo goo googly eyes. 

Sam keep up the good work. Guys are benefiting from it every time you have an event. Roger
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I Love Latins Barranquilla Beauties Valentine's Romance Vacation tour...
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Already taking precise action in Barranquilla...
got the plans in Motion, this tour will The Best of The Best!!! Guaranteed!!!

Hi Sam & Consuelo, This is a message to any and all guys that are still trying to decide if this is for real.
Or, they are putting it off for financial reasons. Or they are thinking that they are too old (heaven forbid).
Or Colombia is unsafe. Or any other reason that is just an excuse for not taking action.
So, let me tell you guys, TAKE ACTION.
First, I would have nothing if not for Sam.
His encouragement, from then a stranger (but only for 1 second on the phone)
got me to Barranquilla. Barranquilla !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who ever heard of Barranquilla ??????????????
(If you saw Miami Vice last summer, you heard of Barranquilla, but actually,
in the movie, that was the Dominican Republic)
Anyway, Sam was a wise man to choose Barranquilla.
Not Cali, not Medellin, not Bogota, Cartagena or anyplace else in Colombia.
I have been to Cali, Bogota, Santa Marta (nice for a weekend), and Cartagena
(beautiful, but too hot). Barranquilla is hot, but not too much, and so many evenings,
with a little breeze it is so wonderful. And Barranquilla is safe...on the coast....
not surrounded by mountains, with so called guerrilla activity.
I knew no English 3 years ago when I first went with Sam, and now am fairly conversational.
Pricing is reasonable, in fact, cheap for food, and housing, and the hotels are in line also.
It is not all that different from an American city. You will be surprised. You will like it.
But all this is just background noise. The only reason to go to Barranquilla is for the girls.
Whether you want a vacation....a good time....a girlfriend....a fiancée.....a wife.
You will find her there. (Maybe not at one of his socials) But, maybe she is...
you will never know unless you go... and if you don't go... time passes by quickly...
and if you are already around 50... I was 56, 3 years ago when I first went...
well, before you know it you will be approaching 60. What are you waiting for?
The young single women at your church are not interested in you.
The young single women in Barranquilla are. Not for your money.
Maybe you are not even very handsome.
But you have qualities they want, that the Colombian guys simply do not have.
Ok, enough preaching.
I am a lucky guy.
I went to Sam’s June tour to meet one girl. That totally bombed.
It turned out that 30 minutes later I met the love of my life totally unexpectantly.
In the hotel Royal, outside the elevator.
Leidy was visiting the clinic there after graduating from college as a nurse.
She is a nurse, but also a model, with a face and body to die for.
And a pure, loving, giving heart. We fell in love at first sight.
I went back to see her in July, then 4 days in August, 11 days in November,
12 days in March, 6 days in April, over Easter, and I am going back next week for 12 days.
We are engaged and Gary Bala is handling our Fiancée visa.
She will be here in August or September.
We talk about 3 times a day, she sends emails almost every day, and I know I am loved.
Guys, there is nothing like the love of a beautiful, young, honest, Colombian woman.
I promise I will sent some pictures of us later, but I just wanted to get this out for Sam,
and push any guys over the edge on making  their decision to go.
Go. Forget the money. Money is replaceable, time is not.
I will be glad to answer any questions.
And lastly, Sam you are the man.
No other agency or tour has the personal, caring, and fun touch that you have.
You are honest.
Your friend, and bud, Steve West in CA.

Leaving in a few more minutes to Deliver Big Again, and Loving It More every single day!!!
It's Simple, You Go with I Love Latins and You will find Your Winner!!!!

Dear Sam and Consuelo, that last email was Very funny...

My lovely wife Mercedes and I certainly enjoy your e-mails.
I remember the day we first glanced at each out across the room at one of you gatherings
It was love a first sight.
I can't thank you enough for introducing me... to her

Lovingly forever, Bob S

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful and possibly life changing trip I had on your tour
and some of the various highlights for me too. For anyone considering travel to Barranquilla their first concern
may be safety but I had no concerns at all for my safety while I was there. Every morning I took a two hour walk
about town on my own and I have to say that I would have more likely have been bothered by someone
in any major American city than there in Barranquilla. Everyone I met not only on the tour but also in the town
were very kind to me and helpful and they are intrigued by Americans. There is a good police and security presence
and I felt comfortable everywhere I went. Arriving in Barranquilla was a fantastic experience for me
getting to meet the ladies who came out to receive everyone at the airport and meeting Sam in person
after having seen you in all the videos (I felt like we were already friends when we met!) was fantastic.
The ride to the hotel on the Chiva bus was great and an opportunity to look around and get to talk
to some of the ladies who had come out to greet everyone. Apparent from the beginning of the tour is that
Sam keeps the ratio of Women-to-Men high from the start so you have more than enough opportunities
to meet some really warm and wonderful ladies and if you don't have the most outgoing personality on earth don't worry.
They will come and meet you!
Their zest for life and fun personalities are just icing on the cake because Barranquilla is just filled
with beautiful women everywhere. I have traveled in Europe and the South Pacific as well
and have never met as many sincere and wonderful ladies in one place as I did on Sam's tour.
The best part is that Sam has done most of the leg work for you and it's important to know
how much he cares for these ladies. He really loves them and he wants them to have a positive and life changing
experience just as much too and you won't find anyone else that these ladies trust more and are more familiar with than Sam.
That's extremely important if you look at it from the perspective of the ladies there because they transfer that trust
over to their willingness to meet you and get to know you as well. What can I say about the Friday
and Saturday night events where you and several other tour participants are introduced to literally hundreds
of beautiful and warm women in one place at one time? Nothing that can encompass what a thrill that is
and how important it is that you use this time well to get to meet as many great ladies as you can.
I had a wonderful time the first Friday I was there and exchanged contact info with several ladies
and got to meet many more, but it was on Saturday that I really met someone very special to me
and who I am still extremely excited about having met and getting to know.
I had seen her earlier in the evening and she just stood out across the room, with a sea of ladies between us,
but there was something about her that just caught my eye beyond her stunning beauty and smile.
Luckily for me she did stop by briefly and chat with me but I could tell she was a little shy
but needless to say I couldn't wait to catch up to her which I did a bit later.
We spent that evening going to dinner and dancing and having a wonderful time getting to know each other
with the translator. Sam's translators are the best and you will also find that they can really help you
in other ways as well with their knowledge of the local scene there in Barranquilla.
All of the translators I met spoke excellent English and were helpful beyond words too.
My lady and I are still talking and getting to know each other even though it was very sad to leave her behind
in Colombia when I departed. I am hoping to return soon to see her again and we are talking about future plans
as well and the possibilities in our lives with the connection we have made and yes she very well could be my future wife.
This is the kind of results that you can reasonably expect if you go
and just let the magic of this experience work for you as it has for lots of other gentlemen as well. 
Put me in the believers column. Sam knows what he is doing
I also had the opportunity to go and meet her family too which was wonderful.
She has a beautiful heart to match and is a hard working and intelligent lady
with a lot of wonderful qualities that I greatly admire too. It just goes to show you that just never know.
And the most important thing is that you might just infact never know at all unless you
make your reservations and give Sam and I Love Latins the opportunity to help you personally
change your life and bring a great deal of happiness and love into your life too.
Sam has done the hard work for you and he looks out for you too.
One night a gentleman who had missed his flight called and Sam went personally to the airport
to pick him up from his late flight. That's devotion to customer service by any standard
and clearly Sam does deliver for you.
I will be happy to give you pointers and tips on the tour itself
as well as getting around the city too and what you can expect.
But in the meantime get on the phone or get online and reserve your spot on the next tour
if you are a gentleman seeking someone wonderful in your life too. Thanks again Sam!
Mark Raleigh, NC
I am attaching a couple of photos of my girl Rina.
Testimonials, Client Testimonials, Marriage Agency, Honest marriage agency, Latin marriage agency Testimonials, Client Testimonials, Marriage Agency, Honest marriage agency, Latin marriage agency

Hello prospective clients I am writing this note to inform you that Sam @ I love latins is a no bullshit kind of guy. 
He does what he says and so much more... You really do not know what you are missing out on.

ABOUT MYSELF: I have been divorced since 1994, I was in my mid 30's. Dating American women sucks
because you find that their priorities are on everything but you. It will be the job, the kids the car, the girls night out... 
you come somewhere after that in order of importance. The American women are brought up to believe that they do not
need men in their lives. It is too bad, They are missing out on meeting a lot of wonderful gentlemen who are honest and sincere. 
(Someone like yourself) If you are lucky enough to hook up with someone you run the competition gamut
where you may be competing with several other gentlemen. How about the first date conversations--- Where do you work? 
How much do you make? What do you do? What kind of car do you drive? Do you Own your house? 
(Where is the love????)

I have probably been involved in 5 dating agencies since my divorce which get kind of pricey, 
Roughly $3000 per year and have not met anybody special or if I did we would date for a while
and find after a year the women would return to their ex's etc. (sound familiar) 
How about the dating agencies setting you up on dates with everybody except what you are looking for. 
Try the bar scene... You could meet your favorite alcoholic... that might be good for a night
or until she gets sick all over your bathroom. try the internet where you meet the woman of your dreams online
then meet her in person to find she posted a picture from her High School Graduation. Sound Familiar?????? 
Maybe you have friends and family setting you up on dates... 
remember this line... But she is such a nice person. or She has a good job... WHERE IS THE LOVE.

I am not overweight, I have a full time job, I have an education, I have all my hair,
I have my own house, my car and motorcycle are paid for. 
I am polite, courteous, honest. American women do not appreciate me.

I found Sam through a neighbor of mine, I had checked out the international sites Russians, Philippines, Asians, Latins etc. 
I had a conversation with my neighbor, he had known Sam from several years ago. I checked out Sam's internet site, 
I called And actually got to talk directly to Sam the owner of the business. 
I called back the next day and gave Sam my credit card and joined. 
Guys Sam is right... BE A MAN if you want something go after it and don't look back. 
Sam Delivers!!! When you meet Sam you will have to laugh because he has a favorite phrase
that goes like this HOW ARE YOU DOING... GOOD GOOD GOOD. 
It will be replaced with this phrase by you SAM SAM SAM. 
Also impressive is the fact that Sam is always available for whatever you need. 
you are not buying just a membership but a friend for life. 

As I stated above I decided to be a man and joined even after my bad experiences with other agencies...
I was not prepared to take the trip I did because I had only three weeks to get all my finances in order
so I could join him on the next tour. Everything Sam says he will do he does. I met him at the airport.
He pulled me out of the crowd...
There must have been 40 young ladies waiting with Sam to meet the American gentlemen visiting. 
They all want to know you. These ladies are about sincere relationships and honesty. 
In the events following I became overwhelmed by the numbers of ladies greeting me. 
It is like going out and talking to your next door neighbor...
On my first and only trip there must have been 400 women to meet 18 guys.  

I was fortunate enough to plan ahead and grabbed a few extra days stay in Barranquilla.
I had narrowed my search down to 2-3 ladies at the end of Sam's event...
Needless to say I had to make the hardest decision of my life and picked just one wonderful lady
whom I spent the rest of my time with. We are in contact every day. I am going back in September just to hang out with her. 

I will probably marry this lady... It is not as stupid as it sounds. You must experience this.
Imagine sincere people interested in you. Do this for yourself. It is worth every penny.
You will make lifetime friends. You have translators available.

Go prepared:
I made 75 picture business cards with my e-mail address on it and handed out every last one.
2.)Things are very inexpensive... The price of a dinner in the US will pay for 3 dinners in Colombia.
3.) The politics and danger we US citizens hear about are mostly media hype...
Your special ladies will know best where to go> let them lead the way.
4) Sam deserves much more cash than what he asks for comparatively to other agencies
(he is in touch with you the whole time) You will also want to know Gary Bala.
5) Don't be cheap, Tip the people helping you... An extra dollar goes a long way in the service.
6) You can negotiate well with American dollars but do have pesos available for cabs and entertainment. (trust your lady)

Last but not least  Just Do It  You will have no regrets...
Call me if you like Gary 321-289-1168
*Remember this... Dated, sent to us, after attending our 31st Successful
I Love Latins Sizzling Barranquilla Summer Romance tour...

Hello Sam / Consuelo

Me and Lily Want to notify you that we have found a future together and it's
great... Presently I am in Barranquilla Spending time with Lily... Our chemistry is great.
I am going to talk to Gary Bala about our fiancée visa...
Sam and Consuelo Your work is paying off... Thank you for introducing us to
each other on your June romance tour... like you said your services are
sincere, you go with us and we more than deliver and you more than delivered for us...
Thank you Again and Again...
Testimonials, Client Testimonials, Marriage Agency, Honest marriage agency, Latin marriage agency
That would be Lilliana Campo and Gary Beatty

Thank you, Thank you!!! Gary


Hello, My name is Erik. After my trip with I Love Latins to Barranquilla, I feel like Erik the Great.
You see, 6 weeks ago, I had a dream. I dreamed I would go to Barranquilla, play my accordion, dance to Colombian music,
meet beautiful women, and have the time of my life. And, you know what? I did.
For me, the I Love Latins Tour was a fairy tale and I was the main character. Everything good and wonderful happened to me.
It was better than I could have ever dreamed. I honestly can not imagine my life being any better.

Here’s my story.
I am 70 years old. I had two wonderful marriages, two beautiful wives and tons of children and grandchildren.
Both of my wives were Catholic. Ten years ago, I retired to Florida and that was that.
Then, by accident, three years ago, I stumbled onto I Love Latins while surfing the Internet.
Out of curiosity, I wrote to Sam and inquired. Sam responded immediately.
But, truly, I had no reason to go because I was content. Lonely, but content.
Then, in July of 2006, Sam sent me another flyer for the I Love Latins September tour.
I wrote him again, knowing full well, that I wouldn't go. I had no reason to go. I was content.

Sam responded with the words, "I've been reading your emails for the last 3 years and....
"In a word or two, Sam was telling me to either _ _ _ _ or get off the pot.

Wow, three years. Had I been bothering that good, honest, decent man that long?
Oh, yes, Sam is a very moral man. He is sincere. You will not be cheated or misled by Sam.
I can vouch for that personally when he stepped up to bat for me regarding my hotel room.

I decided to do some research on Colombia, thank God for the Internet. And, that's when it happened.
As I was browsing YouTube, I heard and saw a peculiar Latin music, native to the Barranquilla area.
It excited me. It was my kinda music. The music is called Vallenato. And, to my amazement the people in Barranquilla
are crazy about it, just like I am today. In fact, as I write this letter, I am listening to Diomedes Diaz,
the King of Vallenato. I bought $85 worth of CDs to bring home.
Of course, I play the accordion
and had 3 family Polka bands that traveled all over the Midwest. Once you hear Vallenato, you'll see what I mean.

So, I decided to go on the tour, not to meet a future wife, but to hear Vallenato music.
I figured that Sam's organization would give me a good place to rendezvous.
Every day, I could sally forth to hear that happy Latin music. Besides, the tour was cheap, $900. Ya gotta be kidding.

Then, I decided to take a step up. I decided to learn a Vallenato song, write a script,
and present it before the I Love Latin's Gala Evening Programs on Friday and Saturday night.
I had a captured audience of hundreds of beautiful women. Why not?

I packed my bags and was on my way. Late Thursday evening, I landed in Barranquilla.
I was thinking about the music and the bright lights on Friday and Saturday night.

As I walked out of the airport looking for Sam, I saw this cartoon bus from Looney Tunes
with the wildest Latin music blaring from its speakers, tons of beautiful women,
and a smiling, portly, middle aged man with extended hand, and a warm smile.
"Welcome to Barranquilla," he said. It was Sam.

Almost immediately, I was swarmed by beautiful women and escorted onto the bus.
The bus kicked into gear. And, merrily we rolled through the streets of Barranquilla.
I didn't know it at the time, but, that happy Latin music was Vallenato. I couldn't control myself.
So, I stood up and danced with the beautiful Senorita behind me, all the way to the hotel.
I also didn't know it, but that Senorita came from a dairy farm in the city of Valledupar which is the birth place of Vallenato.
She and her sister were fanatic Vallenato fans. They drove hundreds of miles to Vallenato festivals. We became good friends.

At the hotel, Sam introduced me to Lucy, my translator. What a cutie pies she was, intelligent, helpful,
responsible, and always watching over me. A real mother hen. No cabbie came close to cheating me
with Lucy by my side. In fact, after one day with Lucy, I just opened my wallet and let Lucy extracted
the correct amount of pesos to pay for whatever I bought.

That night Lucy took me to hear Vallenato music. It was a dive, but it was Vallenato.
We got home at two o'clock in the morning. Luckily, Lucy, who is a medical student,
had the week off and gave me her full attention.

The next day was Friday, D Day. I spent the morning practicing my script and accordion.
That afternoon, I met a soon to be gute Kameraden, Mark, from North Carolina.
I never laughed so much or hard in my life as I did with Mark. He is my friend today.
In fact, he just called to tell me that he is sending me pictures of our Cartagena trip. That was wild.

That evening, my presentation of music and poetry went off spectacularly. I felt like a star.
The people were more than receptive, they were inebriating. Afterwards, as the guys walked from the stage,
we were swarmed by hundreds of beautiful women. It was unbelievable.

Late that evening, after talking with more beautiful women than I could count,
Lucy helped me escape with the girl I danced with on the bus and her equally pretty sister
to a big Vallenato Club in Barranquilla, The Champagne Vallenato Club. We danced all night long.
The music drove me berserk. At four o'clock in the morning, we shut the club down.
At five o'clock, we were still in front of the club talking to band members and four guys who joined our table inside.

The next morning Mark and I had breakfast at the hotel and decided to go shopping at the Buena Vista Mall.
We both took our translators and laughed all the way down and all the way back.

That night, as we were preparing for the second Gala Event in the hotel convention center,
Mark did something that just about killed me. He walked down the hotel steps into the lobby,
all dressed up in white pants, Miami Vice shirt, hair slicked back, clean shave, Evening in Paris Cologne.
But, something was wrong, terribly wrong with Mark. In his excitement to meet all those beautiful women in the lobby,
he forgot to zip up his pants, and his shirt tail was sticking out the front. To get the full impact of this vision,
you'd have to know Mark. He was a very proper Southern Gentleman, something from Gone With The Wind....
another Rhett Butler, if you will.

That night, I didn’t do my show. I didn't want to mar the memory of my Friday night performance.
Once again, the guys made our fashion debut to the ooohs and aaaahs of the ladies,
walked from the stage, and into the arms of a new bevy of beautiful Latin women.

I walked around the hall, talking to the women, and passing out business cards and CDs of Vallenato music.
Lucy was dutifully by my side, helping me in every way. Truly, she was a blessing.

After the Gala Event, the two sisters from Valledupar took me to a friend's baptism party in Barranquilla.
Let me tell you this, those beautiful Barranquilla women love their beer, or is it cerveza?

Around eleven o’clock, I was back at the hotel and ready for bed. Just as my weary head touched the pillow
and my eyes blinked off to sleep, I heard that hypnotic rhythm and the pulse of accordion.
Instantly, my legs carried me to the shower, put on fresh clothes, and danced me down to the hotel disco.
Midway through the dancing, a Mariachi band marched in. Wow, says I. I can do that.
So, I ran back to my room, grabbed my accordion, and joined the Mariachi band.
Somewhere around four o’clock, I carried my soggy accordion back to my room and crashed.

The next day was Sunday. At nine o’clock, the Looney Tunes bus with the happy music appeared
and whisked us to a Pool Party somewhere near Lake Woebegone. I sat with the two Vallenato sisters
who took excellent care of me. After all, we were family now.
At the pool, I swam with another school of beautiful women. In the background, a Cumbia band played.
But, the natives danced anyway. I asked the leader to play Vallenato. But, he didn’t understand English.
But, then it happened, just like Sam said. A very quiet girl came to me and told me how much
she enjoyed my Friday night show and the poem I wrote. She was beautiful. She treated me so nice.
I was smitten. She was 40 years my junior. But, it didn't matter. I wrote down her name and phone number,
never dreaming that she would go with me.

That evening Mark and I hung around the hotel until one o'clock in the morning. Then, Robert walked in.
Robert is Barranquilla’s version of, “You need it. I got it.” His friend is Armando. Armando looks like Kojak
and Robert looks like the Count of Monte Christo. Robert asked me what I wanted to do.
Silly rabbit. I said, Vallenato. At two in Monday morning, Robert said, No problem.

He loaded Mark and I into a cab and whisked us a park. At the park, with both hands waving
and people scurrying to do his bidding, he made three guys appear with plastic lawn chairs
and escort us to one side of the park. Then, out of nowhere, he made four more guys appear with…
you guessed it… musical instruments. Yep, they were Vallenato musicians. Barranquilla must be crawling with them.
Then, a cab pulled up and two beautiful women got out of the cab. For the next two hours,
we had Vallenato music and lovely ladies to dance with.
The band even played a special song dedicated to Erik. Five o'clock to bed.

The next morning, I called the girl from the pool party and asked her to go out that evening.
She said, Yes. We’ve been together ever since. She loves Vallenato music and me.

On Thursday, The Champagne Club had a big festival with three big name bands.
All day Thursday, I took my Senorita shopping for a beautiful dress and shoes.
That night, she was a knock-out. She was the prettiest girl at the dance. We danced and danced.
Not to brag, but I think I could give Travolta a lesson or two. Everyone gave me thumbs up all night long.
We shut the joint down and had fun, fun, fun. Of course, Lucy and her boyfriend, Rudy were there too.

The next morning, my good buddy Mark and I, lounging on his king size bed, had a long talk
about all the wonderful things that were happening to us.

In the afternoon, I hired a motorcycle and toured of the city. You can rent a bike and driver for pennies.
Downtown Barranquilla is something to see. It is both the home of the Mayor of the City
and the Governor of the state of Atlántico. I saw the home of South America’s largest Carnaval,
the immense cathedral, and the magnificent statue of Simon Bolivar who liberated South America.
It sits in the center of town. The place is teeming with people and shops. My driver, Raoul,
treated me to a big glass of freshly squeezed juice. The best I ever tasted. In fact, I had two glasses.
When we got back to the hotel, Rauol asked for $6K pesos. I gave him $20K ($8). I thought he would cry.
He was so happy. $20K is a ton of money in BAQ. Americans are millionaires by comparison.
The Barranquillians are so appreciative of everything.

I was having so much fun in Barranquilla that I changed my flight three times,
eventually leaving on the following Monday. I could go on and on and on about my two weeks in Barranquilla,
but the story has a happy ending. I asked the girl to marry me and she said, Yes.

So, now I'm back in the states figuring out how to get a residency and move
to Barranquilla where I’ll be happy for ever and ever. The End
                                                      Testimonials, Client Testimonials, Marriage Agency, Honest marriage agency, Latin marriage agency

Sam, Having meet Erik I really appreciated reading this... he is truly a great gentlemen!
I enjoyed making his acquaintance and as well yours!! 
I enjoyed the event more than words can truly express. 
Likely won't be there in November but hope to make the following event...
am working up my own trip report for you.

Again, many thanks to you and your staff! Number one in my book!!

Sincerely, Steve

An experienced man writes: ...and have you fall in love.
 It will change your life forever and you will look back and regret not having done this earlier.
 I find the human condition curious, in that it is very common, actually, for people to put the most
 important things in their life as a low priority since they are not urgent. 
 We tend to be slaves to the urgent things in life, which many times are of little importance, but demand our attention.
 I also find it common for humans to spend more time on little decisions and very little time on big decisions.
 They will spend hours evaluating what is the best computer to buy and then take only minutes to decide to buy a house.
 Finding your soul mate to spend the rest of your life with,
should be the single most important goal  in every single guy's life.

Our focus in life should be to make money in order to enjoy life with those we love,
 not enjoy making money because we love money. However, whenever I go to the USA to work for a bit,
 I am stunned by the American obsession with simply making money.
 They love their houses and cars, but their houses and cars cannot love them.
 I have always found it easy to make money, but very challenging to take the time with the people
 I love and who love me. It is my fault for having so many children, but I never stop wanting to have more.
 I love being loved, being hugged and I love to love the ones I love.
 Love is the core reason for our existence and will always be the foundation of our happiness.
 Find a woman you could love forever and want to spend the rest of your life with.

 Take the time, you will never regret it. Sincerely, E.

Hi Sam, I finally got around to writing my testimonial.
You have permission to publish it to your customers or potential customers. Here it is:

 Hi Sam, I just want to say GRACIAS for the great time that I had at your I LOVE LATINS tour in Barranquilla. 
I have never seen so many beautiful women before in my life.
And "Yes," I met the Senorita of my dreams while in Barranquilla. 
Yes, I did meet lots of beautiful Colombian women at your events.

There are so many beautiful women in Barranquilla that as long as a guy knows some

Spanish or has a good translator, he can still meet beautiful women not only

at your events but also at the malls, beaches, and through your helpful and friendly employees.


I have lived in both Washington D.C. and New York City and have spent a lot of time visiting Atlanta.
Most people in the U.S. don't believe me when I tell them that without a doubt,
I felt a lot safer in Barranquilla than any of those cities. But it is true.


I have already started the fiancée visa process to bring my future wife back to the U.S.
I am including a picture or two of us.
I will be sure to send you an invitation to the wedding.
Gracias once again. Patrick Jackson, New York, NY
Testimonials, Marriage agency, Latin marriage agency, I Love Latins Always Delivers More! Testimonials, Marriage agency, Latin marriage agency, I Love Latins Always Delivers More!

Hi Sam. Prince here. for the past months we have been talking about this life changing opportunity
that you and your wife are providing to so many hopeless men who think life is meant to be this way.
I want to thank God that I finally signed up to come in November. No more waiting for me.
Right now I'm encouraging many of my friends to come, but I can't believe they are so comfortable to the normal way of life.
I will not give up on them like the you never give up on me.
Also does the DVD #19 included in my membership? if so could
please send me that so I can start writing some of the young ladies before my trip.
Again, thank so much for staying with me. Prince MN

Sam, I talked to you yesterday and joined your Men's listing.
I joined the Men's listing as a step to feel out what your service is really about.
I was apprehensive (as you seemed to hear all the time) reason being
1) sometimes internet sites aren't always what they seem,
2) You were a pretty fast talker and trying to get a word in edge wise was hard,
3) I was finding it hard to believe that there was that much difference in Latin women.

I emailed my bio & pics to you at 9:30 AM yesterday. By 12 noon my bio was translated
& pics posted and had 3 responses. I had a hard time believing this happened that fast.
I at least thought the responses were some "canned" responses off an automatic email program. 
Then I started reading the responses and they were from  real women giving personal responses to attributes in my bio.

 After reading all the responses that came in since yesterday.
I'm just blown away at what's in these women's hearts & minds.
It is sad to think that they cannot get this from the men in their country.
And they must want this immensely since they are willing to leave their family and friends
in search of finding someone to share these feelings with. WOW! Wendell Ross

Hi Super Sam, After the June 8 tour and meeting Gina in person I couldn't wait
the full timeframe on the fiancée' visa to see her again. So I arranged to meet her in St. Maarten for a week.
The visa only took about 10 days for the Netherlands. And she brought 2 suitcases of her belongings
for me to take back to the U. S. The INS part of the fiancée visa took just under 2 months,
now we are waiting on the NVS (National visa center) which is supposed to take less than a month
to be forwarded on to the embassy in Bogotá for her interview and medical exam.
(Much quicker than we thought!)
Thanks again for your wonderful service.
To be continued :) Wendell
Testimonials, Client Testimonials, Marriage Agency, Honest marriage agency, Latin marriage agency Testimonials, Client Testimonials, Marriage Agency, Honest marriage agency, Latin marriage agency Testimonials, Client Testimonials, Marriage Agency, Honest marriage agency, Latin marriage agency

Hey Super Sam, The NVC has just sent the paperwork to Bogotá.
So I'm guessing a timeframe left of 4 to 6 weeks to get into the US..
Gina is really excited and her family is very excited for her. Her English is getting better by leaps and bounds.
(my Espanol getting better slowly) It was nice to have an option to get her to St. Maarten
(8 working days to get a visa to there) and us to spend  a week together.
She didn't really want to get on the plane back to Barranquilla. 
And it was hard for me to see her get on the plane. 
But I am used to dealing with the government, so patience is a virtue.
So I hope to have her here for the holidays. 
I've tried to get some of my friends to go on your tour. But the ole procrastination kicked in. 
I think they want to see how me & Gina are together. 
They just can't comprehend the love that is in Colombian women. 
After so many years of being with the women in the US the men get brainwashed 
in thinking that is the only attitude there is in a women. Their lose... Best regards, Wendell Ross

From: SXMWendell
To: sam@ilovelatins.com
Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2007 9:42 AM

Super Sam, This is a picture of mine & Gina's wedding of April 14, 2007
Happy Couples, Latin weddings
Thank you for making us both very happy!!! Gina & Wendell.

Hola queridos Sam y Consuelo Smith,
deseamos saludarlos y enviarles bendiciones por todo
l o que ustedes hicieron por nosotros.

hoy queremos enviarles unas fotos de nuestra luna
de miel y otras que nos las tomamos en el parque de diversiones
en betalto este fin de semana.

nos complace mucho recordar que gracias a su agencia
se hizo posible esta union.

mi historia Gina... aun recuerdo que a mi no me agradaba escribir
a nadie,y gracias a erika rueda tome la desicion de hacerlo y gracias
a ello encontre amistades buenas y a ese amor que tanto
yo esperaba y  saben de todo esto entendi algo realmente importante
que las cosas nunca son faciles que  si deseas conseguir tus suenos
debes luchar por ellos yo tenia mucho tiempo de estar 
inscrita en la agencia quiza desde sus comienzos aveces decidia
ir a los eventos y otras veces no,pero,si iba a un evento
me quedaba sentada y nada mas a ver si alguien se me acercaba 
pero estaba equivocada dios te pone lo primero tu haces el resto.

bueno yo solo quiero que este mensaje se lo den a todas
esas companeras que se sentaban como yo a esperar
 que las
cosas se me dieran...
persistan,escriban a los caballeros,dialoguen con ellos haganles
ver que ustedes tienen todo lo que ellos estan buscando,
porque asi es,lo tienen y de eso no hay duda ni discusion.
haganles perder el temor de ir a nuestro pais porque la mayoria
de ellos por temor no toman la decision y mas si no existe
ada que los impulse a hacerlo.

espero que mi mensaje no solo lo lean sino tambien que lo pongan
en practica ahora las dejo lista para empezar su camino
es duro por la cantidad de amigas que estan en su misma condicion
en busca de su alma gemela ,pero recuerden que el sol alumbra
para todos y solo hay un sol.bueno ahora me despido
las amo a todas por ser luchadoras como yo.
besos y abrazos Wendell  y  Gina Ross.

Testimonials, Marriage agency, Latin marriage agency, I Love Latins Always Delivers More! Testimonials, Marriage agency, Latin marriage agency, I Love Latins Always Delivers More! Testimonials, Marriage agency, Latin marriage agency, I Love Latins Always Delivers More!

"Hello Dear Sam and Consuelo Smith,
We would like to say hi to you and send blessings for all the things you did for us.
We would like to send you today some pictures from our honey moon
and some others that we took in the betalto amusing park this weekend.
We are very pleased to remember that thanks to your I love Latins agency this relationship was built.

My story Gina, and although I remember I did not like to write to anyone, I sure know that thanks to Ericka Rueda 
I made the right decision of writing, and thanks to that I made really good friends and the love I was eager to find,
and you know... out of all that, it seemed very clear to me that
things aren't always easy and that if you really want things, you have to fight for them.

I had been in the agency for a long time, maybe since it began, sometimes I made up my mind and went to the events,
sometimes I didn't, but when I went to an event, I could sit there and see if someone approached me,
but then god made me realize I was wrong by putting me the first thing and then making me do the rest.

Well, I really want this message to be sent to all the people that sits there and wait for the chance and for things to come to them,
well you have to tenacious, write to the men, (write to the ladies) talk and make them realize
that you have everything they're looking for, because that's the truth and there is no argue about it, make them lose their fear
(whatever fear or excuses they have) that if they visit Colombia they will not be safe,
make them come and convince them that there is nothing wrong in coming here. 
(we have a beautiful country) I just hope every one not only reads this message,
but that you also set in motion all the things I'm telling you to do
I'm telling you how, now it's time for you to do it,
because you most remember there are a lot more women in the same situation you are, 
that seek of their soul mate, just keep in mind that the sun shines for everybody, 
I say goodbye now and and love all fighters like me, kisses, Wendell and Gina Ross."

Hey Sam check this out  http://www.acute.net/waltsworld/  Thanks for Everything! Walt in Florida

Sam, Thanks so much! I know. You are a blessing to many many people and when that is true,
bad people try to take you down.  You know, I forgot to tell you, my old boss, his wife is from Colombia. 
She’s very nice. He quit where I work and now there is a new guy HIS WIFE IS FROM COLOMBIA TOO! 
Unbelievable, isn’t it? Both of those men would absolutely swear that their Colombian wives are just plain wonderful! 
That gives me even more confidence that this was a great decision. 
Yesenia is simply an Angel! No Doubt about it. 
Thanks a million my friend! 
You are awesome~! Adam in Florida

Testimonials, Client Testimonials, Marriage Agency, Honest marriage agency, Latin marriage agency

Sam, to all those guys with their so called questions, excuses and no action...
So what do you want? A woman that looks 25 and thinks 35, or a woman that looks 35, and thinks 25?"...
That has got to be the best quote I’ve ever heard and the most accurate description of Colombian women I’ve seen yet. 
Yesenia is SO SWEET and LOVING, She continues to prove to me every day how real and beautiful she is. 
He’s right, here in the US, we have women 35-40 years old going out to clubs, sleeping around,
acting like they missed out on something because maybe they got married young or whatever. 
I know from personal experience. I vote for the Colombian women 100%!
Thanks again Buddy! Adam Weaver

Hey there my Friend, Glad I could throw some good pictures your way.  
Hope it generates some more good, honest men on your next tour.
Yesi is my best friend and I can’t thank you enough for what you do.  
I’ll keep you posted on our adventures in the coming years.  
Your Friend, Adam Weaver

Subject: Pictures wedding & honeymoon in Disney

Hey Sam & Consuelo!!!
I just want to thank you for everything you do. Without your help, I hadn’t found this wonderful man.
I’m just the happiest woman in the world since I met Adam, and we are really having a lot of fun since I got here.
We finally got married on march 17th St. Patrick’s Day, in a wedding chapel near Orlando and then we went
to Disney to stay there for our honeymoon. Everything was just great, we stayed in a very nice hotel,
the Wilderness Lodge, and we went to visit all Disney’s parks, Universal Studios, Downtown Disney… 
We’ve been traveling a lot, I’ve been in North Carolina, in Tampa, in Tennessee, in Lake Land, in Georgia,
South Carolina, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, St. Augustine… All these places are beautiful!!!!

 Thanks a lot for making our dreams come true… take care! Yesenia Weaver
Beautiful Latinas, Beautiful Latina Beautiful Latinas, Beautiful Latina

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