You have Questions.. and since Sam and Consuelo have been there & done this whole & exciting process 1st... We have Answers.. that can Help You. We have listened to you, our clients & friends & are now sharing our knowledge to help other Sincere people.. correspond / meet & live a much better & happier life together... I had another great & very wise man named Sam T. from our church say, "Sam write down what's in your heart & share it on your website with everyone because I believe what you are saying will truly help others & they need to see it too". So that is what I am attempting to do, because we truly do want to be different in our way of helping other Sincere Ladies & Gentleman find a Winning Lifetime Partner & to truly Live a Better & Happier Life. Any More Questions??? Feel Free to Call Sam and Consuelo personally @ 281-481-0036 or e-mail us with any thoughts & questions that you may have... "We do Care about you"...
Question: Why did you start I Love Latins & Barranquilla Beauties?
Answer: Because Consuelo & I met this same way. We are both very caring & grateful people & now we are willing to help other Sincere people in finding their lifetime partner. It's our way of helping to make the world a much better, safer & happier place in which everyone can live......
Question: Is Correspondence or Meeting in person better?
Answer: How soon do you want to start living your dreams? Some guys want to write & most want to meet.
We can now offer you Both. You can write forever & the lady of your dreams will eventually fall in love with
the mailman or somebody else that gets up & goes, so the choice is truly yours....
Question: Do you offer individual ladies addresses?

Answer: Yes, we have over 5,000+ current individual ladies on our websites....
you can see them by going to....  or and when given to us by the ladies,
we will even include the ladies phone number & e-mail for

Question: Do you have a printed Ladies Catalog?
Answer: Yes, we have recently published our 1st, with 354 of the most Beautiful, Sincere Ladies and All from One City...
You can purchase it easily online in "1 minute" through our secure online merchant account... (click here to see it)  or  
(click here to order your personal magazine with addresses)
Question: Do you have an introduction office in Barranquilla?

Answer: Yes, before we did our 1st tour, we opened an office, with a full-time, qualified & friendly staff. We even took an extra step with you our future clients in mind. We purchased computers, set many of the ladies up with their own e-mail account and then tell the ladies that they are welcome to use our computers & e-mail for "free" to easily communicate with you our clients & friends. For complete details on all of our services go here... We were thinking of you before you even came along, because, We Listen, we know the snail mail is slow & we truly want you to know the beautiful ladies of Barranquilla Beauties... so we did something about it... (Click here for our Barranquilla office services)

Question: Do you offer group tours?
Answer: Yes, we advertise, interview & pre-screen the ladies, through our personal introduction office, then invite the best of the best to our events. We feel the group tour offers you the best choices in the shortest period of time... It's like we have all of the Winning Lottery numbers & your only hard choice is which one do I want to spend the rest of my life with...You Can Win Big, with whichever one you choose!
To see some of our past events, go here... (Click here to see our previous tour events)
Question: How much does all of this cost?
Answer: When asked that question, I always want to ask in return "What is a Great Wife, Partner, Helpmate, Faithful Lover, Companion, Confidant, & Lifetime Soul mate worth to you?" Read Proverbs 31:10 & you tell me..*It's worth Everything....... The tour price is only $895.00.... (Hotel & airfare is separate)  (Click here for Tour Reservations)
Question: Do you have a favorite hotel that you recommend?
Answer: Yes, the Hotel Puerta del Sol.... It is a 5 star hotel, plus "the people & service there are truly Fantastic!!!"
We want to "Save you Money", so we always suggest you call the hotel directly to get the best rate possible.
You will love the people...they are the Greatest! Mention that you are with Sam's group & you will receive our
low discount group rate of Only $80.00US per night, includes taxes & a great daily breakfast... Want to See the hotel... (click here)
Question: What about airlines?
Answer: There are several airlines that go into Barranquilla... the best advise is, get your tickets early. Would you like to check for your own discounted prices online..... (Click Here & save money)  
Question: Do I need a passport?
Answer: Yes, to go to Barranquilla, Colombia all you need is a passport... No Visa required...
Question: Why are these ladies willing to leave their country & family?
Answer: They are willing to give that up for You, so You had better be a Good, Honest & Sincere Guy......
Question: I hear some just want a Green card?
Answer: Would you be willing to give up your whole way of life, country & family for a green card? No, I didn't think you believe everything you hear? No... think about it... There is maybe a small percent, that is why it pays you Big Time to go with Sam... Consuelo is from Barranquilla & she will Always tell You the truth... What is that Really worth to you??? I have heard from Many good guys that after listening to them & their previous bad experiences, with their last female so-called friend, it sounds like they lost "Millions"...
We could have saved them from ALL that...Sam & our Barranquilla office staff care about YOU
& will Always tell You "the truth"!!! What is a service like that Really worth to you???
Question: I have heard Colombia is dangerous, I have heard they kidnap & more to Americans...
Answer: Some parts of the country may be unsafe, just like anywhere & you know what I am talking about.. but I will tell you this, I have been to Barranquilla "49" different times & never, never felt in any danger at all... In fact I have felt more love, respect, friendship, peacefulness & caring from the great people of that country than in many places here in the good old USA. All of our gentleman clients have gone & had a wonderful time (100% have returned SAFELY) & most everyone one of them has returned to Barranquilla to find the love of their life... "It all works, when you plug into a winning, caring system, and then get up & "GO"... The best kept secret in the world is truly in Barranquilla, Colombia if you are desiring a Great Partner...
Question: What about drugs?
Answer: Well to quote Consuelo, my wife. "I am 27 years old & I have never seen any drugs there, I would bet that there is more here than there, who is smarter the maker or the user?" Think... Do I need to say more.
Question: Do I really need to go?
Answer: Do you really want to find a Great wife & partner? Then you need to Go where the Gold is... If you knew me personally & I told you that "I had found Gold, in fact, we have struck The Mother Load & then I told you, come on you can have all you want...what would you say?" Well, Sam, I don't have a shovel, I don't have a bucket, I don't know if I can get the time off from work & ect... Hello, I am talking about something more valuable than gold, silver, the lottery or just a pay check... I am talking about a Beautiful, Sincere, Loving Lifetime Partner, Helpmate & Soul Mate. Think about "how Important that is to you in your life"... *check your priorities...Clear your so-called busy schedule...then pack your bags & We will help you find a real winner...What is that worth to you??? The Only real advise to a Sincere guy is: "take this Fantastic once in a lifetime offer, while it is still open to you". (reserve your place in paradise in only 1 minute easily online)
Question: Why do you do this?
Answer: I was just like many of you reading this right now, I had been divorced, I had a great career of over 19 years, but then I took a chance, I made the trip, "I found my Treasure in Consuelo" and now we are giving back in helping you to find yours... We believe that if everyone was either happily single or happily married, the world would be a much better, safer & happier place in which everyone would live in peace & harmony... wouldn't you agree? Can you imagine no more crime, rape, robbery, lying, stealing, cheating & ect... Wow, visualize world peace...what a great thought...Well, we are just doing our little part to help make the world a much better place for you, aren't you glad.. Now it's your time to you know how Great it feels to be Happily Married to a real winning lifetime partner??? *It's Ten thousand times Greater than you can ever imagine....& we are here to help you. The only question left is "Are you ready?" The journey of a thousand miles begins with only the 1st step... what are you waiting for??? Sign up easily online in "1 minute", "you have nothing to loose & possibly Everything to gain"... A whole New & Exciting way of life...Today is the 1st day of the rest of your life...What will you do with it??? (Click here for reservation)
Question: What about money? How much should I bring?
Answer: Well, that is totally up to you...Just picture this, what ever you do bring...Doubles the minute you get off the plane in Barranquilla, Colombia....Currently the US dollar more than Doubles in value to the Colombian peso... The advise we are helping you with is better than an you will ever hear from your stock broker or investment adviser..."Ours is a Sure Thing". You will feel rich in more ways than you can ever count with
I Love Latins.
Question: Aren't the ladies just looking for a better life?
Answer: Hello, Aren't you??? (that is the short version)
Question: Are the ladies just looking to come to America? Everyone wants to be an American? 
Answer: Hello, as Consuelo would say, "I am already an American... Look at your map... South America"...
Question: Let me put it this way, I think, I can offer these ladies a better life....I do make a lot of money...
Answer: Well, let me say this..."they already have a Great life, with the love, affection & respect of the entire family unit...(something, some of us are missing)... Need I say more...."
Question: So, you are saying I am just going down there on vacation & they are willing to give up their whole way of life for me? Wow, I never thought of it that way..."These women really are Special"....
Answer: Yes, so again, I say, "you had better be a good guy..." What most of the ladies that attend our events are looking for is "One Sincere Gentleman to spend the rest / best of their life with... Is that you?" If it is then you can find a real women that will love you, respect you and truly take care of you for a lifetime... Think about it... What is that really worth to you? Aren't you ready to start living a Great & Happy life Now!
Question: Does this really work???
Answer: The answer is is a Definite "Yes" with two simple conditions....
The 1st is IF you are Serious & Sincere about finding a truly beautiful (inside as well as outside) lifetime partner & the 2nd part is IF you GO... Then your answer is "YES"... "Are you Serious? Are You Sincere? Are You ready to GO?" Then you will Win....We Know, We Did It 1st & now we are ready, willing & able to help You too... but remember a very simple saying "If it is to be, it is up to me"... That Means You! Consuelo & I are already Happily Married & doing Great...We are now here to Help You... I heard a funny saying years ago (by the famous Zig Ziglar) that always applies to people that just want to talk.... "There are 3 things that are very hard to do in life... 1) is to climb a fence that is leaning towards you, 2) is to kiss a girls that is leaning away from you, 3) is to help someone that does not want your help or that will not help themselves...
Question: I hear some agencies pay the ladies to write the guys, Do you pay the girls???
I hear some agencies have to pay the ladies to attend their so-called events, Do you pay the girls??? Anything???
Answer: "NO", when you are running a Sincere company / agency, unlike other agencies we do Not pay the ladies…Anything, with Barranquilla Beauties they are Sincere in meeting a Sincere Gentleman for Friendship, Romance & a lifetime Marriage…The only real question that we have to ask of you is: "Are you Serious & Sincere about finding a Winning Lifetime Partner???" Then clear your busy schedule & Go For Your Dreams, this exciting process works…when you do…. (Click here for Tour Reservations)
Question: Do the ladies have to pay to join your agency???
Answer: "NO"!!! We have never charged the ladies anything...We believe this gives you much more selections in choosing a well qualified lifetime partner... Isn't that what you really want / More Sincere Ladies to choose from?
Question: There are so many different agencies out there today, who can I trust? Who really cares about me? Who can really help me the most? Who can really make my dreams come true? That's what I am looking for!
Answer: Ok, fair questions...You can do at least 3 things or more if you wish....
1) Call the owner personally & find out for yourself what kind of person are they... Our phone number is
281-481-0036 & we will be glad to answer any questions to help you in achieving Your Goal...Try us Now...
2) Ask about their personal story, let them share their personal story & life with you... can you & that other person relate??? Are they were you want to go??? Are they friendly??? Are they really happy??? Are they the kind of person that you would like to be around??? Are they knowledgeable??? Did they invite you to their office or better yet, their home, so you could sit down & really see what they are like???
3) What do their previous clients say about them??? Feel free to *(click here)* & see for yourself what our previous clients say about Sam and Consuelo.... You be the judge... *Then Take Action, Go For Your Dreams, do Not let anyone or anything stand between you & you achieving your dreams of finding a real lifetime partner.
Question: Do you have a tour video that I can see before I decide to go?
Answer: Sure we do, feel free to click here & get ours for FREE!!! We believe in what we are offering & soon the whole world will see. Also, feel free to make as many copies of this exciting video & give to it to all of your single friends with our compliments. (Free Video)

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