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Romance tour

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Latin Romance tours, Romance tour, Latin Romance tour, Romance tours, Singles Romance tour
Romance tour

and Singles Events...

Don't miss the next tour!
As usual with every event we are having the ladies complete their inscriptions, with complete contact info. and so much more,
then a photo release, then the IMBRA forms that the USA
government wants. Even expanding to new and better websites
getting the ladies on the website for you to see.
Let's See>>> Another I Love Latins Average event (45th BQ tour)
We will let you decide if it was Another Successful event... 
All that it takes for it to be a success is for You to Go and find the "1" :)
Enjoying the positive effects and efficiency of an I Love Latins vacation... 
Enjoying the hard work and preparedness of an I Love Latins vacation...
Several gentlemen commented again and again and again...
Enjoying the caring and sincerity of an I Love Latins vacation... 
Enjoying the large number of Quality Ladies on an I Love Latins vacation...
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And again, where were you, the loving ladies want to know...
100% of the gentlemen on an I Love Latins Romance tour
are More than happy, so many women, so many smiles,
so many happy clients and true lifetime friends, we love it!!!
The ladies are Always asking Consuelo for advise...
The ladies are Always commenting to Consuelo...
"You and Sam Always have to Many ladies at your events,
Why don't more men come?"
So many of the ladies say, "I am a hot, sincere, educated and loving Latina,
I am a real women, I want to be with and take care of One Real Man!"
"Don't these men want a real women?!"  
And Gentlemen, All the ladies Listen Very Intently to Consuelo Too!
The ladies say, "this guy has been writing, emailing, calling...
promising to come and meet me, he has said this for Years...
what should I do?!"
Sam and Consuelo's Response... "Girl, Forget that one,
You are so Beautiful, You deserve a real man that will
keep his word and show that he is a man of action!"
*Gentlemen it's up to You to WAKE UP!
"All of the ladies attending our events are here to
Meet and Get to know YOU...
Gentlemen let me Personally Introduce You
to the ladies on this coming BQ tour"...
So Many Beautiful, Lovely, Happy, Real Ladies all at the same place,
same time, same day, and for the SAME Purpose you say you
are here for...

So Many Quality ladies wanting to Meet and Get to know YOU!
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It's time to Go, Amigos...
To the Men of America:

After some six years of dancing with the idea of going on one of Sam's trips to Barranquilla, Colombia,
I finally decided on my birthday (Cinco de Mayo -- 5/5 ) that it was Time To Go!

So, I booked a flight to BQ and off I went the first week of June. Sure, I've been to Colombia before
(and to Venezuela twice, too,), but this was to be my first excursion with an agency such as Sam's.
No longer interested in the bar scene, and liking to have things organized,
I went to meet a large number of Colombianas that Sam promised would be there.

Well, Sam didn't disappoint. I showed up. Sam showed up. And, legions of Colombianas showed up.
And, did they ever show up. They showed up dressed to the nines replete with their ever smiling faces and warm,
friendly attitudes. I mean, these gorgeous ladies really are eager to meet us Americanos.
And, they revel in being what's sadly diminishing in our own culture - FEMININE. They know how to dress.
They even comb their hair. And, they let you know they want to meet you. No kidding. They Ain't shy.

And, no one need worry about the language barrier. It's easily overcome.
Sam had a top flight cadre of translators at the ready for us. Even though I've had two years of Spanish in night school,
I still kept my fabulous translator, Keren, hopping. In fact, we were almost joined at the hip
so much so that I told her I may want to adopt her. She stayed with me at all the parties and joined me
for most of my dates with these gorgeous women. And, her smile never withered.

My favorite events were the parties on Friday and Saturday nights which were a true blast.
After Sam and his staff introduced all us guys to the ladies we then were free to mingle --
throughout the ballroom and the hallway. I felt like a rock star, surrounded by a bevy of beauties
of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors. Thankfully, I was prepared with a hundred of my pictures 
(with my name and address on the back ) so I could satisfy their requests for more information.
Keren had to keep my conversations moving to keep all the women happy.
Now I don't know about you guys out there, but this sort of thing just doesn't happen at home.
In fact, my last day in country included breakfast, lunch, and dinner dates.
They were 29, 30 and 40 years of age and they were all professionals -- a teacher, a dentist and a lawyer. 
I'm a 62 year old retired stockbroker who substitutes in a local school here.

I met a dozens of high quality ladies. The overriding theme I heard is they are "lonely" and they can't trust their men
("our dogs" they call them ). Well, who among you can't say the same thing about your lives?
Lonely? Fed up with American women?

Enter Sam. Giving him a chance is giving yourself a chance.
Perhaps a chance to meet your God-given mate, a very lovely, ultra feminine, eager Latina.
A Colombiana to share your name.

Do it and don't wait six years like I did. Do it today. Sign up with Sam.

It's Time To Go, Amigos!

See you in September,
Ft Myers, Florida

The choice is clear, the choice is yours...
Single, Intelligent, Real Men know what to do... 

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