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Romance tour

and Singles Events...

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Latin Romance tours, Romance tour, Latin Romance tour, Romance tours, Singles Romance tour
Romance tour

and Singles Events...

Don't miss the next tour!
Immediately after checking in their rooms... The Luxurious Hotel Puerta del Sol had a real present
for the gentlemen on this I Love Latins Romance tour
Besides the 40+ Ladies that rode in 1 of the 2 Chiva busses
to pick up and greet the gentlemen arriving at the BAQ airport
for this BQ Carnaval tour there were another 50+ Ladies
waiting to greet the men at the hotel too :).
1st night what a bonus, never even advertised...
I Love Latins Always Delivers More than Ever advertised,
unlike so many others the guys tell me about that promise you
the world and don't deliver for their so-called office parties,
so-called beach parties or much less their so-called grand events.
So Beware...
What we at I Love Latins Deliver is rare, a breed a part,
with a Much Higher Stander and Much Higher Quality than others
promising the world and Not Ever Delivering Close to what you will See, Feel, Experience and come away with for a Lifetime
when you Go with I Love Latins. 

So IF You really want a 1st Class Singles Vacation,
there is Only 1 Clear Choice. 
I Love Latins More than Delivers :)! 
All of the gentlemen went out Thursday night
and enjoyed the Tropical city and Latin Ladies of Barranquilla.
What a way to start, with a Beautiful Date,
Only when you Go with I Love Latins :)!
All of the Discos are open on Thursday night in BQ :)
All kinds of great Restaurants are open late :)
If you have been emailing a lady she will want you to meet her family :)
Or you can rest up and get ready for the events, the choice is yours :).
Then Friday morning, we have our Gentlemen's meeting.
"47" straight tours in a row...
Sam covered all kinds of great and very helpful tips to make this the
greatest vacation of your life and to help you find your winning lifetime partner. (When you reserve your BQ tour online, we Immediately
send you a complete and very detailed tour schedule.)
Plus during the gentlemen's meeting we give you a more
Detailed and very Informative 7 page
directory that will benefit you Enormously throughout your stay
in Barranquilla :). No one gives you more! More Beautiful,
Sincere Ladies, Dating, Eating, Places to go, see and experience!
No one knows BQ better than the team of I Love Latins!
No one understands the wants, needs, dreams, desires and goals of the
Latin American Ladies better than Consuelo! Consuelo is ready, willing
and able to share her valuable knowledge with you. The Intelligent and Sincere gentlemen Knows they can have a best friend and get the most valuable advise from becoming friends with, taking care of
and listening to Consuelo Smith!
As you will clearly witness for yourself on our next real
I Love Latins romance tour, all of the ladies love, respect, appreciate,
value and listen very Intently to Consuelo too. "Gentlemen, understand,
we (Sam and I) were not just lucky, we had our goals, dreams too
just like you, but We Took Action, went to work, helping, serving others.
Now, YES, We are Living Our Dreams and You Can Too,
We are here to Help You!"
So many BQ tours we have the pleasure of Mr. Gary Bala,
a licensed Immigration Attorney  with over 26+ years
of legal experience in attendance at our meetings. Mr. Bala has a vast knowledge of exactly how the process works and for everyone in attendance they really learned the fastest way to bring your lady home.
Watch a Free Video Online
. Only when you
GO with I Love Latins do we provide everything you need...

Mr. Gary Bala is a professional USA licensed Immigration Attorney
talking to the ladies about Immigration, Fiancée, Marriage, Visa's,
IMBRA and so much more.
Gary has become a personal friend of Sam and Consuelo's
and has helped most of our "300+" Happily Married couples
within I Love Latins and Barranquilla Beauties to obtain their
VISA with 100% Approval!
I Love Latins is leading the way in service, sincerity, value added services and lifetime benefits. The most amount of real ladies in attendance (that are serious about meeting and getting to know you), happily married couples, more thankful and happy testimonials,
proving this works again and again and again and again...
Along with the owners (Sam and Consuelo) personally attending
your singles event to help you all the way...
.Along with all the new gentlemen tour clients we had on this BQ tour,
we had lots of previous tour guys that also came along with us to see
and spend time with their Special Latina that they had met with us.
Where else can you find all of this personal, sincere,
helpful, caring and very real services?!
Plus so many of these gentlemen were there to share their stories
with you and help you along the way with Great Pearls of Wisdom.
Again, Totally Priceless and Only when you Go with I Love Latins!
Then we talked about the next several days and nights,
plus an optional group tour to the romantic and historic city of
Cartagena and you could feel the excitement fill the room... 
Then the gentlemen wanted to go to BQ children's school
that we have personally supported over the last 6+ years...
Nearly all of the gentlemen went and all of the men
were truly moved by what they saw 1st hand. 

What another Great group of gentlemen. "Thank You"!!!

We have all learned early in life, the Biggest Givers
are Always the Biggest Receivers too... Life is Great!

Helping Others Always Pays You back in Great Rewards :)!!!

Then the men had more dates lined up and where ready to
Go-Go-Go... We Love It!
On Friday morning (of our 10th Anniversary BQ tour)
we were asked by the Barranquilla
television news to be interviewed about our events,
our 10th Year Celebration, our successful marriages,
the difference in what we do 
and how finding Romance on the Internet can work and is it safe.
So enjoy watching the "TeleCaribe" TV Interview. 
I Love Latins TV Interview 
100% of the gentlemen on an I Love Latins
Romance tour are More than Happy...

You could and should be next... when you quit making Excuses...
Reserve your vacation tour online in "1" minute!
For so many of you "Procrastinators" out there,
complaining about wanting to find your own loving lifetime partner...

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The choice is clear, the choice is yours... Single, Intelligent, Real Men know what to do... 

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