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Romance tour

and Singles Events...

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Latin Romance tours, Romance tour, Latin Romance tour, Romance tours, Singles Romance tour
Romance tour

and Singles Events...

Don't miss the next tour!
Only when you Go with I Love Latins Romance tours
and Singles Vacation to BAQ, Barranquilla, Colombia
will you be greeted every single event by the owner,
"47" Separate times over 10 1/2 Years, Sam Smith
and many other happy clients, plus Dozens of Single,
Beautiful and very warm loving Latin Ladies, Latin Women.
Plus enjoy a one of a kind, Free Chiva bus ride to the hotel.
"Promises made, Promises Kept,
"47" Separate times
over 10 1/2 Years".

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Check in at the Hotel Puerta del Sol in Barranquilla is fun, easy, simple
and they truly make you feel at right at home again and again and again.
We have used the same Hotel every single tour year after year
after year because of their warm hospitality, friendly staff, many
speaking English. Remember Cheers, yes, they know your name too :)
They have all the modern conveniences you are used to, plus
so much more. Clean, Spacious rooms, Air-condition, refrigerators,
phones, WI-FI, cable TV with more channels than you can count,
hot water for you guys that like a warm shower :), daily,
friendly maid services, a large swimming pool. A fantastic restaurant,
plus a free daily buffet breakfast included with your room.
All at a super low I Love Latins / Barranquilla Beauties /
Sam and Consuelo discounted tour price. Plus the option of a
Large Presidential Suite or Large Apartment suites with more bedrooms.
1st come 1st served on this one, adding extra class and pampering
to your world class vacation. Always booked by one of the gentlemen!      
Arriving with an " I Love Latins / Barranquilla Beauties Welcome"...
A warm tropical vacation, with Beautiful Ladies
Eager to Meet and Date you, a friendly staff offering you a cold,
refreshing drink of your choice, what more could a real man ask for!!!

Now, did you know why our clients and friends freely choose to
Go with I Love Latins, your #1 choice for a well deserved
1st class vacation!
And the events have not even started yet...
I Love Latins / Barranquilla Beauties is one company you can trust
to always Deliver More than ever advertised or ever promised.
(unlike so many others that you guys tell us about, that always promise
you the world, they say they can do it all and always Under-Deliver
and then you have another wasted trip and spoiled taste in your mouth.)
When you want The Best... their is Only "1 Choice"...
Go with I Love Latins and Barranquilla Beauties!
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Enjoy 4daysinBQ Carnaval Website by Super Stephen from LA
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It's like being welcomed home every time we enter the hotel.
They have always treated and greeted all of our friends and clients
like family, what a great feeling. Especially when you have one of the
leading managers at the hotel waiting to greet us with a big hug and
 "Welcome, our house is your house."
"We are all here and ready to serve you."
The staff is super friendly... The check in is easy and convenient ...
The rooms are all cleaned, air-conditioned and very nice...
The bar is open and ready for you...
The pool is sparkling and waiting for you...
The restaurant and staff is ready to serve you... 
We are Always Proud to have a Great relationship with the hotel,
the owner, the manager, the staff and everyone at the hotel.
All of the sincere gentlemen are always happy to see and meet
Consuelo and to know she is there to help them too...
Let's see... Let's ask a simple question for all the single intelligent men
out there so 1) you can answer your own question and then
2) take immediate action either way on your own intelligent choice
of finding, meeting, getting to know the love of your life...
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Do you want to Meet Hundreds and Hundreds of pre-screened,
pre-qualified, real women, feminine ladies with old fashion values
that are some of the most beautiful (inside and outside too), educated,
sincere, loving, compatible, some of the happiest ladies in the world...

In Person?!
Or do you only want to call over the phone, email over a computer,
even worse write thru snail mail and make believe... fantasy...
never meeting and getting to know your imaginary person?!
Then years later discovering you are still all alone in this life...
Your "1" Simple Decision Today
can and will determine your destiny forever!
Think and then Take Action, then you too could be here :)!

From: Joseph G. To: I Love Latins & Barranquilla Beauties Subject: Re: Success

Thanks, I owe you so much!!!

Joe G.

From: Joseph G. To: Sam Smith

Hi Guys, I have been successful (thanks to I Love Latins) in meeting the woman of my dreams, Lidia B. P. 
I will be contacting Gary Bala (lawyer) to start proceedings for marriage and immigration to US. 
The down side of this is I have to give up my on-line profile as Lidia told me if I really loved here I would do this. It makes sense. 
However, I want to keep in touch with you guys but I must  terminate my on-line listing or profile or whatever its called. 
BQ women are wonderful but a bit jealous so I'm not rocking the boat.
Please take care of this request and I will keep in contact with you.
Thanks a ton. Your friend, Joseph G. President/Owner Ingleside, IL. USA
A Wedding

Sam, With the help of Gary, Lidia and I have set the date of Saturday to get married in BQ. 

If you and your wife are there we would love to have you join us.

 Sam  what can I say - you are the greatest. So is Clayton and Gary. Joe G.
Greetings :)

Hi Sam, Everything is moving along thanks to our mutual friend Gary Bala. We hope Lidia will be here in the US by July. 

Can you give me the link to your office in BQ so I can order flowers for Lidia for Valentine's Day?

 Thanks, Joe G.

Hi Sam, Haven't heard from you or I Love Latins. 
Now that I am married to Lidia I guess you took my name off of your list.
The castle in Barranquilla we were married in was Awesome!
And the 1938 Mercedes was a great get away car, we really enjoyed that!
I would like to keep in touch with everyone which brings me to the real reason for my email.

One time I remember you mentioning a charity in BQ you felt was worthy of support. 
I don't remember its name. I think it had to do with a school. 
As I am going to BQ on August 24th for about 10-days I would like to visit the school and make a donation.

Gary is working very hard to get Lidia here but it takes time. 
We think Lidia will go before the US Consulate in Bogotá sometime in
September and come to our home in Ingleside Illinois.

Once again thanks for bringing Lidia and I together! Your friend, Joe G.


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