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Barranquilla, Dating, Latin women, Latina women, Latin lady, single Latin women
I Love Latins

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Gary Bala

Welcome to Our "VISA HAPPENINGS" Newsletter!

In bullet point format, this Newsletter will keep single gentlemen who are interested in a foreign fiancée
or bride advised of current developments in U.S. visas and immigration. The format will be concise and mostly bullet point,
but may contain some service ads. It will be published periodically from time-to-time as developments warrant,
but without any special deadline for publication.

(We know that not only sincere single gentlemen but also our legal and other competitors will subscribe to this newsletter,
but we find that flattering and harmless, and are nonetheless committed to the highest quality service and superior knowledge,
experience and ability over our attorney and non-attorney competitors.)

Good Luck and All the Best in Your Visa Travels!

"Visa Approved"
(C) Copyright, 2010. All Rights Reserved.
Tel: 610-446-VISA (8472)

Gary Bala, 610-446-VISA


The most sustained LOYALTY to our Service by USA Gentlemen & Barranquilla Ladies Attending our Tours
**The most demonstrated CARE AND COMMITMENT to People's FEELINGS AND FUTURES, not just their Business

CALL TEL: 281-481-0036 and talk to the owners, Sam and Consuelo Smith
"Hundreds of Beautiful and Sincere Women are Waiting to Meet You!"
(C) COPYRIGHT, 2009. All Rights Reserved. I Love Latins.

TRIP REPORT reported by Attorney, Gary Bala



Over 20 wonderfully-fortunate and well-treated single gentlemen from across the USA met with hundreds of beautiful and sincere women over 3 amazing social events with food, music, fun, dance, and romantic conversation. The evening socials were held at the elegant and conveniently located Royal Hotel. A relaxing Sunday pool party meanwhile was held at a nearby private resort house.

At least three (3) new couples became engaged to marry or very serious in the days following the events.

For the first time ever at an "I Love Latins" tour, or any company's tour, USA Immigration Attorney Gary Bala offered a BONUS EVENT on Monday evening - a free dinner at a local Barranquilla restaurant with the engaged or serious couples to answer any visa questions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

In addition to the free visa dinner, all of the couples, as well as the other USA gentlemen and also many Barranquilla ladies, made a point of complementing and appreciating this unique value-added service to the I Love Latins tour:

A live Immigration Attorney was available and ready to answer their visa and immigration issues, especially since everyone knows that successfully navigating the visa process will be a REQUIRED PART of any couple's final union in the USA.

Once again, I Love Latins takes LEADERSHIP in the romance tour experience for USA gentlemen in Barranquilla, with examples such as the BONUS EVENT Free visa dinner hosted by a live professionally-licensed USA Immigration Attorney, which only I Love Latins has offered or will ever offer.


Honest Marriage Agency


1. Demonstrated care and commitment to loyal gentlemen and lady clients:

With over 40+ tours completed over almost 8 years, I Love Latins has shown its commitment to the romance tour concept, even to its biggest doubters, and has been rewarded by a LOYAL group of gentlemen and especially lady clients. Their clients continuously tell I Love Latins that they feel and believe that Owners Sam & Consuelo truly care about them and their feelings and futures, and have loyally "stuck" with them over time. Examples of the "care and commitment" to the ladies and men: food and prizes given at the events, the free BONUS EVENT visa dinner for engaged couples, and the constant individual and customized follow-up by Sam and Consuelo personally and their translators, guides and other staff on the ground in Barranquilla.
1. Other companies are only committed to the typical company model: a cold and calculating business entity maximizing profits and cutting costs at every angle at your expense. These companies may have terrific marketing techniques with slick photos of dozens, even hundreds, of ladies at their tours in the past, but many of the ladies (and gentlemen for that matter) do not stay loyal or return to a future tour because feel that the company's tour event was like a "cattle-call", cold and impersonal, and set up for money-making volume rather than personal custom service.

Further, many ladies don't even bother to stay around to the end of the tour evening, staying just long enough to eat some finger-food offered by the company as a lure just to keep the ladies at bay, as if they are mice lured by cheese. The truly "extremely attractive" and desirable single women do not have a very long "shelf-life" of singlehood before they are "snatched away" for marriage, and thus what remains at the tours are less attractive and desirable women, nothing like the expectations created by the company's slick marketing photos of scantily-clad women.

Further, in the past two or three years, the unseemly fact is that less and less women are showing up for the tours of these companies, and more of them are from socio-economically deprived parts of town, meaning more poor women and more black (African-Latin) women. Some women have had trouble receiving mailed invitations to the tours, and others have had no Internet access to even pick up their E-mail invitations. Naturally, there is no screening whatever done of the ladies invited to the tour by the companies. In sum, less and less unscreened women, and less and less desirable unscreened women are available at these tours, and certainly falling far short of the expectations generated by the photos, DVDs and other marketing of these companies. Marketing and sales techniques by these companies thus prevails over real delivery and product.

Many ladies (and even gentlemen in the men's room at the tour) cannot resist the temptation to "count up the company's money revenue" by multiplying the number of men attending the tour times the ticket price paid to the company. Moreover, many USA men who might be unemployed or underemployed back home wonder if they cannot themselves, for the apparent massive revenue generated at the tour, "put on a better show" by doing it themselves, as proven by the long list of self-started agencies and tours spawned in this tour business in the past few years.
2. Committed to the local community in one location: Barranquilla.

I Love Latins has done over 40+ completed tours over almost 8 years at one location: the tropical and tranquil Caribbean city of Barranquilla. They have made friends with the local community, and people and businesses and organizations. Sam and Consuelo know people by their first name, and many are ecstatic to see them again at the next tour event. I Love Latins has helped generate revenue for local taxis, hotels, and restaurants and approved local translators and reputable guides, all without asking for anything in return. I Love Latins translators and guides on the ground constantly help and guide the gentlemen and ladies, even well after the tour events have concluded. Recently, I Love Latins have suggested a local orphanage charity for the men to contribute to, if they wish, without pressure, duress or embarrassment.

2. Other companies, set up in typical profit-maximizing and cost-cutting style, "blow in and blow out" of selected Latin American cities, with little regard for the wants, needs or opinions of the local businesses and people, the typical "Ugly American" pit-bull. In fact, these companies arrogantly demand and require, as a condition of doing any business, steep personal discounts and hefty business commissions and massive one-sided concessions from any local hotels, restaurants, taxi drivers, airline travel agents, visa handlers, translators, and baggage men and bell hops and hotel maids and shoeshine boys.

Further, they have no employees on the ground in these cities, and offer no local agency office, or other client support or follow-up on the ground. In short, once they receive the client's money and issue a ticket to the tour, other than some verbal advice, the client is left on his own after the tour and certainly when he checks out of hotel with his credit card, having paid his own airfare and spent time out on vacation to attend.

The topic of local charity: These profit-making companies, despite hefty revenues of thousands of dollars from escorting dozens of gentlemen to a city, offer a max. of something like $50 to $100 to a local charity while pressuring and embarrassing the gentlemen into making hundreds of dollars of contributions by having innocent children at the tour asking for money-jars to be filled. Meanwhile, rather than offering what most companies do, namely a generous "company-matching contribution" of the total of all money offered by the gentlemen, the company caps its exposure to $50 to $100, and wins a shower of massive positive local publicity for itself by claiming to have raised hundreds of dollars for local charity, but actually all based on the generosity of the paid clients, not the company.
3. Persistent "stick-to-it" attitude and results, all focused on people's feelings and futures, not just their business:

I Love Latins proves the old adage: Slow and Steady Wins the Race. While critics and others thought that I Love Latins could not last the years, I Love Latins successfully completed 40+ tours over almost 8 years with dozens of marriages and testimonials and photos and business referrals. Other companies have come and gone in the time I Love Latins has delivered for its customers and clients.

This starts with I Love Latins remembering people's first names, unlike other companies.  And it continues on with follow-up care with individual men and ladies. Many of the ladies go out of their way to tell I Love Latins why they feel truly cared about with them as opposed to other companies who show their "care" by an extra slice of discounted cake.
3. In the old Biblical tale, it was the small and diminutive David and not the giant and dominating Goliath who won the day in the end. The Goliath companies in this business - despite constantly claiming "bragging rights" about innovating and originating the "business" and continuously raising the standards of the "business", i.e. the so-called "King of the Hill" claim - must face the cold brutal fact that the numbers of single men using their service has declined and continues to decline, and the same is true about the declining number and quality of single women attending their tours. And they are faced with unending and new competitors and detractors from the Internet and elsewhere, thus have become the subject of many small bloody nicks and cuts which cumulatively over time will take its toll on any giant.

Unfortunately, the romance tour "business" of single guys going to Latin America is very very small compared to other businesses. In fact, it is not a "business" or industry at all in the standard sense. All the companies started out as a small operation with one or two people in a garage with an idea. Over time, a few owners actually found a way to make some money at this "business", and even pretty good money for some time. Those companies and others might still even be "holding their own" business-wise but competition and pressure from the Internet and elsewhere has intensified, and the cold fact remains that they are profit and cost driven, not people-oriented.

(This "business" is one of the very few with ZERO COSTS  for the fodder or dough for the business - namely the pictures, availability and names and addresses of the single Latin women which has always up to now been massive, plentiful and free and which probably accounts for why anyone has been able to make any money at this "business" at all.)

These companies further fail to understand that the long-term quality of customer service with clients and fellow businesses, including simple business generosity and kindness, in the end outweighs the slickness of their photos or products or the size and freshness of their database for their ultimate business success. And they fail to further understand that with each new self-serving claim of a "blow-out" tour of gorgeous women, and each new "genius" idea of marketing, and each new photo of a scantily-clad woman, the expectations of their men to meet a model quality woman at the tour and through the company is raised ever higher - but is only sure to be inevitably dashed and squashed.

Can a company provide customer satisfaction when they can barely provide you customized individual service at a fully-paid tour event? In fact, some companies require extremely pricey "executive plan memberships" costing thousands of dollars for the company managers and staff to even remember your first name. In short, these companies are set up for quarterly and minute-by-minute profit, not customer and client satisfaction.
4. Customized results over time rather than flashy over-hyped marketing and sales gimmicks aimed at simply generating more profits and dollars:

I Love Latins successfully completed 43+ tours over almost 10 years with Hundreds of marriages and testimonials, allowing the opportunity for hundreds
of men to meet hundreds of beautiful and sincere women from Barranquilla through tours and the Internet and personal contact. Through it all,
I Love Latins remained true to its core beliefs: the customer first.

4. Other companies pay their married clients to give them paid written testimonials and wedding photo about the greatness of their service and products, yet refuse to pay anything (or even say "Thank You"), because of "cost management", for a kind word that a single client may make on a live tour caught on video or DVD. Their "proof" of successful tours as "leaders" of the industry is based on self-serving and self-aggrandizing tour summaries, photos and "paid" testimonials "documenting" their tours. But they fail to present real proof such as PAID reports with photos from a duly-accredited INDEPENDENT auditor or accountant (because that would cost too much).

Their marketing relies on extremely slick and eye-catching marketing of scantily-clad and very shapely women who are presented as easily available at the tour to do for a man as he wishes. Men being the visual creatures that they are are "hooked" into their Ferrari-photo-style sales technique, while the concept of romance for marriage sadly takes a back seat in the car. This type of repeated sales technique probably contributed to the passage of the IMBRA law to protect against imbalance of power and potential abuse of men against foreign women. Of course, the companies will insist on all their untold numbers of successful marriages yet have no independent verification of the total number of their claimed marriages other then conjecture, and continue to publicize photos of scantily-clad women to propel their business.


1. New Filing Fees effective July

USCIS (Immigration Service) recently raised their U.S. government filing fees for the K-1 Fiancée Visa and K-3 Spousal Visa petition (I-129F) to $455.00.
The Resident Visa petition for spouse (I-130) filing fee is now raised to $355.00.

2. "Do I need to see her more than once for the Visa Process?"

SHORT ANSWER:  No, it is not legally required, but it is recommended nonetheless.

Some people ask this question another way, namely: Will the immigration or visa process "slow down" in a case where the couple only met once, briefly and recently, as compared with a case where the couple saw each other numerous times over a length of time? As with most legal answers, the answer is neither "black or white" but nuanced and not uniform. The case could potentially slow down, but not necessarily or automatically. I have successfully handled many K-1 visa cases where the gentleman called me to start the process after he recently returned from Latin America to see her for the first time. Immigration Service is somewhat more lenient in this regard than the Embassy. However, the Embassy's Consular Officer makes the final decision to issue the visa after Interview. And generally the Consulates, including Bogota, examine a totality of factors and have gotten more strict, such as repeat visits by the gentleman for shared face-time, efficient communication between the couple and yes even age differences and differences in socio-economic and religious background.   

The key, in regards to petition filing with USCIS, is sufficient documentation and proof that the couple have a sincere and genuine "intention to marry", and intend to use the 90-day visa to "finalize" their decision to marry, and that the couple know each other well enough. The regulation only requires that the couple meet each other in person at least one time in the past 24 months (with very limited exceptions). But that is bare minimum. I encourage couples to see each other more than once, if time and money make possible, for the sake of the relationship as well as for a potentially smoother visa processing. Before petition filing in the US, I generally encourage the gentleman to show, among other things, at least a small set of communication documents such as E-mails, love letters and phone bills at least for several weeks after his visit to see her for the first time.

The purpose is to lessen any potential for doubt in the mind of the USCIS adjudicator concerning the couple's on-going sincerity of relationship. Keep in mind that the current K-1 Visa processing takes months, so the couple will continue to generate documentation about their communications and relationship before the Embassy Interview. If the gentleman makes a second trip to see the fiancée, the couple will be able to show additional photos and visitation documents. While generally not required by the Embassy in most cases, gentlemen are usually well-advised to make plans to attend the visa interview with their fiancée.

3. "Can I expedite the Visa Process and get her here faster?"

SHORT ANSWER: No, not under normal routine circumstances, therefore your patience and hers will be critical.

As for "expediting" the immigration process, under current regulations, a petitioner must show literally a "life or death emergency", or national security issue, or grave medical or family or financial emergency to have their visa petition "expedited". In the years I have done this, I have only been able to get a few petitions "expedited", and that was due to a serious medical condition.

It is far better in my opinion for couples to: gather accurate information about estimated processing time, have realistic expectations about speed, focus on making the process go as smooth as possible to avoid unnecessary delays, and patiently manage their separation time. Obvious examples are things such as having the lady fiancée learn English during the waiting time, and having the gentleman budget time and money to make another trip to visit with her again while the visa petition is processing.

4. Immigration Consultants & Assistants vs. Licensed USA Immigration Attorneys: A PRIMER

SHORT ANSWER: ONLY licensed USA immigration attorneys can properly  represent you and yours in the legal process.

Under current Immigration Regulations, ONLY a licensed USA Immigration Attorney, Law Student, Non-Profit Organization, and Registered Representative may offer you legal representation, and legal advice and counsel in the immigration process. See 8 CFR 292.1 et seq. All others are prohibited from such services such as immigration consultants and assistants or "notarios".
Many immigration consultants or assistants got into the business only because they did their spouse's or relative's visa on their own,
and decided to "open up shop" in this line of work to "help others." Many pay hefty sales commissions to companies
and other referral sources as a means of having work channeled to them.

In limiting the immigration consultant's duties, the immigration regulations say the following: 
"A visa [or immigration] consultant or any other person who is not a licensed attorney or an authorized representative pursuant to 8 C.F.R. 292 may only assist a person in in completing preprinted forms in exchange for nominal remuneration, if any, and must not hold himself or herself out as qualified in the area of immigration and naturalization law and procedures...When [the consultant] fee is other than "nominal", [the consultant] has engaged in the unauthorized practice of law." INA Sec. 292, 8 U.S.C. 1362

Thus, if the immigration consultant or assistant charges an amount more than "nominal" to prepare forms, say more than $50.00 USD, he or she is engaged in the unauthorized practice of law and unlawful conduct under current immigration regulation.

In the interest of protecting the public, many states have enacted anti-fraud statutes to protect the consumer from fraud by non-attorney immigration consultants and assistants. Some states, in fact, ask that the immigration consultant be registered and licensed, and others require that the services of an immigration consultant be put into written contract form and the consumer be allowed a waiting time to change his or her mind before any service is rendered.

Before hiring an immigration consultant or assistant, ask to see his or her credentials, state registration and license, and written contract for service.
Licensed attorneys on the other hand are regulated by the state and national bar associations, and must take mandatory legal education courses to stay current. They must renew annual licenses and pay renewal fees, and are bound by strict attorney ethical rules for your safety.

Our office is a member of the AMERICAN IMMIGRATION LAWYERS ASSOCIATION (AILA), the premier such immigration attorney group in the USA and the world, and we have 25+ years of legal experience, and our office is rated "AV" by Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory:

"AV® Peer Review Rating
— An AV rating is a significant accomplishment -
a testament to the fact that a lawyer's peers rank him or her at the highest level
of professional excellence. A lawyer must be admitted to the bar for 10 years
or more to receive an AV rating. "
Gary Bala, 610-446-VISA


Endorsed by I Love Latins and Barranquilla Beauties.
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