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Carnaval in Barranquilla
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Enjoying Barranquilla's
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Barranquilla, Dating, Latin women, Latina women, Latin lady, single Latin women
I Love Latins

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and Singles Vacation...

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The Kick off to Carnaval in Barranquilla is called "Guacherna"
and we were here right in the middle of the action. Each gentlemen had Thousands and Thousands of Latinas all around him, what a way to Go!
In South America, Barranquilla is known to have the 2nd Largest Carnaval (only behind Rio) in all of Latin America and we are here right in the middle of it all. How exciting, living life to the fullest has it's own rewards.
The Caribbean Carnaval music with it's unique style and rhythm has filled
the air weeks and months in advance of the anticipated celebration.

Now comes time Loading up the Chiva bus Again with happy gentlemen clients and friends, then add in Lots of excited, beautiful, passionate, exotic  women is always fun when you Go with I Love Latins and Barranquilla Beauties :) If you are still single and a man you owe it to yourself to Go
on at least "1" I Love Latins / Barranquilla Beauties Romance tours and Singles Vacation... You can live to be 500+ Years old and you will Always remember and tell all of the people you meet in life, about this "1" event was truly a Highlight in life :), we are sure, we hear it All the time from all of our previous clients, friends and happily married couples.
It's your time now to start enjoying and living life...
Taking a tour around the beautiful, tranquil city of Barranquilla, Colombia...
What a nice, enjoyable and refreshing site to see for yourself.
New, modern and very up scale shopping malls, restaurants,
clothing stores, movie theaters, casinos, hotels and much more...
then a private, pre-Carnaval show and entertainment for the
I Love Latins tour gentlemen, they were all smiling, as you can imagine :)
When you Go with I Love Latins Romance tours and Tropical Vacations
you will never have any wasted time and you will have the time of your life!
You will never ever forget your time in Barranquilla with all of the new
friends and beautiful ladies you will meet going with I Love Latins!

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