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Romance tour

and Singles Events...

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Latin Romance tours, Romance tour, Latin Romance tour, Romance tours, Singles Romance tour
Romance tour

and Singles Events...

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Celebrating I Love Latins and Barranquilla Beauties
47th Barranquilla tour and our 11th year Anniversary... Amor y Amistad Romance tour.
Wishing YOU Were here and We bet You do Too :)
The Best Advise is "don't miss the next one!" :) :)!!!
You've watched for 11+ Yrs, It's Your Time Now.
You just want to know who is Real...
You are tired of your situation and ready to find your winner...
You need and deserve a real vacation...
You want to know, Who can and will Deliver for you...
Who talks and who Delivers...
And will it work for you...
We know your time and money is valuable to you...

Who truly cares about You and what you want?!
Who can listen and Then Make It Happen?! For You!
Does that sound right?
Call Sam & Consuelo Today 281-481-0036!
We have all heard that old expression...
"You have tried all the rest, now it's time to Go with The Best"...
After "11 1/2+ Straight Years" of never missing a single tour...
The Owner Personally hosting all "47" BQ tours for your satisfaction...
Always Delivering More than ever advertised or ever promised...
100% Gentlemen client satisfaction on 100% of our BQ tours...
Sam and Consuelo, the owners of I Love Latins met thru our sincere
and truly life changing services, so We Know This Works!
And we are always here to help you find your lifetime winning partner! 
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For the single men that followed simple directions and made your I Love Latins / Barranquilla Beauties Singles Vacation tour reservations online in "1" minute then get ready for the vacation of your life! While you are meeting each other in (MIA) Miami, Florida, USA and getting on the "1"  American or "1" "Avianca", Direct Flight to (BAQ) Barranquilla, Colombia, South America. It's simple, easy, convenient and the most enjoyable flight ever. You will arrive in BAQ
to a warm " I Love Latins / Barranquilla Beauties Welcome"... With Lots of Beautiful Barranquilla Beauties Ladies Eager to Meet and Date you!!!
Sam Smith, the owner, founder, president and happily married client,
(along with Consuelo, his beautiful Barranquilla Beauty) and personal
host of Now "47" separate successful romance and vacation tours to Barranquilla are here again making sure all the ladies are ready to meet you...  And Personally greeting you at the BAQ airport as promised Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again!
We do all the work and you are then able to enjoy the Greatest
Singles Events Ever, Delivering for you Again and Again!
All the gentlemen loved flying in on Avianca's New Planes...
"The AirBus", what a Great Experience.
Singles Events, Singles Vacations, Online Dating, Dating Tours
The 2nd oldest airline company in the world
now has the Newest Planes!

The extra comfort and friendly services were noticed by everyone...
Singles Events, Singles Vacations, Online Dating, Dating Tours Singles Events, Singles Vacations, Online Dating, Dating Tours
Newest Planes, More Room, Friendly Services, Beautiful Stewardesses', Delicious food served, Enjoying your own private movie... Direct flights from MIA to BAQ... Arriving refreshed to meet 40+ Beautiful ladies all waiting and excited to Meet You!
To see what you are missing in life. We have been the only agency to
Focus on "1" city (getting to know the ladies and all for your benefit),
the only Barranquilla Personal Introduction Agency
to Document every single tour, every single event from every
BAQ airport pick up, with the owners there 100% of the time from
the very beginning and during all of our exciting grand events with
Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds and Hundreds of real ladies attending each of our "46" previous tour events. Averaging
over "25 - 35 to over 50+" real ladies to each "1" tour client.
Click here now!)
"No One Delivers More than I Love Latins
A Proven Fact!"
Singles Events, Singles Vacations, Online Dating, Dating Tours
(Click Here Now for Live Video!) (Click Here Now for Live Video!)
Single Latinas, Latinas, Single Ladies, Single Latinas,
If this is the kind of Single man's vacation you want...
then there is Only "1" choice! If you are sick and tired of the games,
being used, being lied to, then there is Only "1" thing to do...
(Reserve your own Singles Vacation tour today online in "1" minute)

We heard that there was another agency's event the same weekend as ours, we saw a gentlemen arrive at the same time as our clients and friends. Our staff, translators and beautiful ladies felt sorry for that gentlemen because no one was there to Greet them, no ladies, not even the owner...  WOW... Our only advise is Be sure when you go next time,
GO with

and the owner will Always personally meet you, and also have lots of
beautiful ladies to meet, greet and personally welcome you to Barranquilla!
So many of the gentlemen always state when they get off the plane:
"Sam, I can see for myself, you personally deliver, WOW!"
"Sam, you have more ladies to greet us at the BAQ airport than some agencies they had been on and met thru them during their whole event." "Sam, I see you and Consuelo (Your beautiful BQ wife) Really do love and believe in what you are doing and that says everything!" When you Go with I Love Latins Romance tours and Tropical Singles Events you will never have any wasted time. When you Go with I Love Latins Romance tours and Singles Events you will have the time of your life. When you Go with I Love Latins Romance tours and Tropical Singles Events you will only kick yourself over and over for procrastinating so long or for ever thinking about going with another so-called other agency ever again, we guarantee it. 
When you Go with I Love
you will always meet other winners and true champions :)
Here the 1st person off of the Avianca MIA to BAQ plane
was the Most famous person in Colombia. "El Pipe",
the most Popular Soccer / Futbal player of all time.
Plus we had all of the real men of courage, the Greatest clients
and new friends in all the world. All flying together, making friends, following simple directions, starting the party in Miami, Florida.
Then a little 2 1/2 hr. direct flight to BAQ, Barranquilla, Colombia,
where the life Fiesta begins the minute you get off the plane. Only when You Go with I Love Romance tour and Singles Vacations.
I Love Latins, the Only Introduction Agency that listens to you!
Personally inviting your favorite Latina (and Many More)
to meet you at the BAQ...
Send us a list of 10-15 ladies names and code #s
with your completed romance tour reservations
and we will Personally invite them to meet you on your tour!
Some of the gentlemen have never flown before,
some have never been out of their city, state, country or house,
but when they Just Do It and Go with
I Love Latins / Barranquilla Beauties Beauties
Romance tours and tropical  Singles Events 100%
of the gentlemen are More than happy they did, and that
feeling starts from the second they get off the plane in BAQ :)
Sexy Latinas Enjoy in real live action what you are missing in life :)
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and Meet Sam and Consuelo, the Happily Married Owners
of I Love Latins and Barranquilla Beauties.
WE Know this Works!

WE met and became Happily Married thru this Exciting
and truly Life changing process on an I Love Latins Romance tour!
"Personally Giving you The Best Singles Events on the Planet!"

Many gentlemen tell us we should count the BAQ Chiva Bus
as an Extra Event, we call it a Bonus!
The Greeting at the BAQ airport is so Loving,
you'll wish you wouldn't have made all those
so-called previous Excuses and you'll want to attend
every single Future I Love Latins BAQ tour :)
Singles Vacations Singles Vacation
Singles Vacations Latinas
Singles Events Singles Vacation
Chiva Bus Sexy Latinas
All of the gentlemen will really enjoy the Hotel Puerta del Sol :)
Lower prices, saving you money and Enjoying a Luxury Vacation.
More choices, normal rooms, efficiency rooms, suites, Jr suites,
executive suites, even large apartments with several rooms.
Large restaurant with free delicious breakfast, including fresh fruit
drinks and a bar too... A nice business internet center that is open
24 hrs per day for our guest. Large event rooms that can accommodate
more ladies, isn't that what you want?! Private spa, gym, work out rooms,
full-time trainer, message therapist, sauna and Jacuzzi :) 
Check in at the Hotel Puerta del Sol is fast, easy and convenient...
The Greeting, Family caring atmosphere and low prices are truly unbelievable. Most men stay an average of 7 - 10 days,
some men extent their stay for months to date many
of the beautiful ladies we will personally introduce
you to on our sincere and truly life changing Grand Events!
For the guys that want to stay Longer, after our events,
we even have another hotel to Save You More $$$.
Appr. $50.00US Per Night!
For all of the gentlemen that follow the simple directions at least 30+ days
(Reserve your own Singles Events tour today online in "1" minute)
in advance / before their personal life changing I Love Latins tour,
they will have a Beautiful, Extremely Excited Latina waiting to greet you
and more, as promised and now Delivered "45" separate times before you...
We wouldn't show you the passionate hugging and kissing that just happened, that's reserved for real men that don't make any more excuses!
I Love Latins Always Delivering More than ever promised or ever advertised, we love what we do for you and it truly shows in everything we do for you...
Making this your Greatest Vacation ever!
Whatever you do in this life...

Do Not miss this next I Love Latins / Barranquilla Beauties
Romance tour and Singles Events in the Great city of Barranquilla!

Avianca takes delivery of first Airbus A320 Family aircraft

Avianca took delivery of the first of three Airbus A320s it has leased from CIT International, at a delivery ceremony in Toulouse, France.
This paves the way to the subsequent delivery of 47 A320 Family aircraft (32 A320s and 15 A319s)
the Colombian flag-carrier has directly ordered from Airbus as part of a complete fleet renewal program.
Avianca also has ten A330-200s on order.

The A320s will help Avianca expand its network and open up new routes in the region. The aircraft will be able to accommodate
150 passengers in a spacious two-class configuration, offering passengers even more comfort with the increased personal space
of the new state of the art A320 cabin. They will be powered by CFM International CFM56-5B engines.

"We look forward to introducing the leading aircraft in fuel efficiency and low operational costs in our fleet",
said Fabio Villegas, President of Avianca.
"The A320 is the cornerstone of our long-term strategy of having one of the most modern and fuel efficient fleets in Latin America,
whilst also offering the highest standards in passenger comfort".

John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers added: "Avianca is the second oldest commercial airline in the world
and we are honored to welcome such a prestigious airline amongst our big family of Airbus A320 operators.
Avianca has chosen the world's best selling aircraft combining lowest operating costs with the most advanced technology,
environmental friendliness, and comfort, allowing the airline to expand successfully."

The new cabin delivered to Avianca features the most modern design and technological innovations, derived from the A380.
New smooth lines not only create an attractive ambience but also give more space at shoulder level. Increased Overhead Storage
offers 15 per cent more useable volume. The state of the art design gives a measurable noise reduction,
while also decreasing the weight of the aircraft and thus making it more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

The A320 Family, which includes the A318, A319, A320 and A321, is recognized as the benchmark single-aisle aircraft family.
Each aircraft features fly by wire controls and all share a unique cockpit and operational commonality across the range.
Over 5,800 Airbus A320 Family aircraft have been sold and over 3,300 delivered to more than 200 customers and operators worldwide,
making it the worlds best selling commercial jetliner ever. With proven reliability and extended servicing periods, the A320 Family
has the lowest operating costs of any single aisle aircraft. Uniquely, the A320 Family offers a containerized cargo system,
which is compatible with the world wide standard wide-body system.

Airbus is an EADS company.

Avianca orders 19 additional Airbus aircraft
Colombia’s national flag carrier Avianca has signed a firm contract for 19 additional Airbus aircraft
of which 14 A320 Family aircraft and five A330-200s.
This additional order converts options. It brings the total of firm orders from Avianca up to 57 Airbus aircraft.
“With this addition to our initial order, Avianca is consolidating its fleet expansion program.
The first order was mainly for our current fleet renewal,
whereas this second one is to deal with growth opportunities,”
said German Efromovich, President of the Synergy Group which owns Avianca.
“The A319s, A320s and A330s will offer our passengers the highest levels of travel comfort
whilst allowing us to benefit from their unbeatable economics.
On top of that thanks to the high level of commonality between the Airbus products,
our pilots will be able to simultaneously fly
the different aircraft which will further contribute to our efficiency.”
Avianca is Colombia’s largest airline and is also the second oldest commercial airline in the world.
“We are pleased to see the confidence of the Synergy Group, owner of Avianca, in Airbus and its products with this second order
in such short time” said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer Customers, “We are thankful for this endorsement
and we look forward to seeing our aircraft fly the skies in Avianca’s colors.”
Including this order, Airbus has received a total of 390 orders from 16 airlines in Latin America.
Since 1990 Airbus has taken 54 per cent of all Latin American orders for new aircraft. Furthermore,
Airbus has tripled its presence in Latin America over the last seven years.
The A320 Family, recognized as the benchmark single-aisle aircraft family, also includes the A318, the A319 and A321 versions
and features the newest and most modern design of any single-aisle airliner, with a passenger pleasing cabin that is popular with travelers –
as independent surveys demonstrate. An advanced fuel-saving aerodynamic design, including wingtip fences, centralized maintenance
with extended servicing intervals, and proven reliability in day-to-day service help to give it the lowest operative costs.
The A330-200 is the unquestioned leader in its class with continually expanding operator base.
The A330-200 has excellent flexibility for a wide range of route structures,
providing the operator with a very low operating cost per seat as well as the widest and most comfortable
cabin in its class. Its proven record of superior economics and passenger comfort provides the operator with a significant
competitive advantage in the market today.
Airbus is an EADS company.

The choice is clear, the choice is yours...
Single, Intelligent, Real Men know what to do... 

Reserve your vacation tour online in "1" minute!

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